Just got back from Summer Fun and Sailing


Hey guys,[br][br]Seeing as I got heaps of awesome tips from past travellers I decided to reach out the hand of help myself so if you have any questions, esp bout this specific tour then go ahead and ask away and I will answer to the best of my ability. This was a euroclub tour meaning we stayed at hostels (not tents or hotels like the other types of tours).[br][br]All the best for your trips :)[br][br][br]Adela[br][br]Adela and Leszek (Sis and Bro)[br]Summer Fun and Sailing June 26th 2009


Ooo I have some questions!! [br][br]First of all, what optional excursions are the best and which ones not so much?[br][br]Roughly how much did you end up spending every day?[br][br]And finally, how was the accommodation, and is there anything you’d recommend packing (eg did it get cold, do you need a pillow etc).[br][br]Thanks so much!!![br]Sam


Hey Sam,[br][br]This might turn out to be a bit of a essay so bear with me, im still in a upbeat mood as I just returned from my trip :)[br][br]1. First of all, what optional excursions are the best and which ones not so much?[br][br]The best optionals are definitely the bike tours ? you see so much of the cities and its not too active but enough to get your blood pumping after sitting on the bus and feeling lumpy from all the yummy (but rich) food. I loved both the cruises in Paris and Amsterdam as it was a cool way to bond with the group and we had drinks both times. The skydiving I didn?t do but heard it was amazing and the videos we watched were awesome. If you haven?t seen snow and want to see the ice palace then definitely do Jungfrau in Switzerland. Gondola ride is cool ? if you want to see Venice from a different perspective plus its one of those must-do?s. Unfortunately we didn?t get to do the Postojna caves but from what we were told its another good one to do. I did white water rafting but bear in mind that it?s for beginners meaning minimal rapids and more of a taster for the sport rather than a wild ride so if your on a budget then being a nzer you could probably leave that one to do at home. I also did tandem paragliding in Austria and it was simply amazing, if you want to save up to do something awesome then definitely do that ? its less scary than skydiving but still pretty cool. However I also heard canyon jumping was a real thrill and lots of fun so you may want to check that one out. [br][br]The things that I personally thought wasn?t so cool was the guided tour of the Vatican museum, it was pretty expensive for what it was ? our whole group did it but it was a little forced and people would have felt left out if they didn?t do it. If your into art and your religious then it?s a must, however its money better spent on the Coloseum or other attractions around Rome. Bear in mind that your opinion might change one you are there, it depends on your budget and sometimes what your friends end up doing so I would suggest you go through the optional?s list and budget for what you definitely want to do and leave the maybe?s for later. Remember that not all things you can do on Europe are on that list though, i.e The Louvre, Eifel tower, numerous museums, Coloessum so remember to budget for those kinda things also #61514;[br][br][br]2. Roughly how much did you end up spending every day?[br][br]I would suggest you budget for around 50-60 euros a day, I did that and I found it was about right for all the optionals I did, the souvenirs I purchased and the food I bought on the days we didn?t get it included. It?s a estimate though so if you budget for less you wont miss out on things, I was on a budget and tended to find little caf??s and food stalls for my lunches and dinners rather than going for the restaurants. You can still get some delicious food for a few euro?s that still allows you to experience each countries local cuisine. On the bus days you find that you spend hardly anything especially when lunch and dinner is provided, it?s mainly the free days that you spend heaps on optional?s and souvenirs so it ends up averaging out in the long run.[br][br]3. And finally, how was the accommodation, and is there anything you’d recommend packing (eg did it get cold, do you need a pillow etc).[br][br]I took a pillow and honestly only used it once when I was sleeping on the yachts in Greece where a bundled up hoodie would have done the trick. If you want a pillow for sleeping on the bus then go for it, but all accommodations provided blankets of some kind and linen so you don?t feel gross using the hostels pillows. The accommodation is pretty good all-round, I found a couple of places a-bit below average but most are really good for the price we pay. The camping sites in Italy (you end up staying at 3 of them) are awesome! Do all your washing there and make the most of the facilities as they are fairly cheap and one of the best you come across throughout the whole trip.[br][br]Recommendations on what to bring [br][br]Medication!!! EVERYONE gets sick in one form or another, I got sick twice ? once with laryngitis and then with a stomach bug. With the air-conditioning on the bus and the close proximities you live in you very easily get sick so I suggest you take panadol, some form of throat drops, something for tummy bugs (diarrhoea tablets) , your usual med kit with plasters, insect repellent, lots of sunblock and some aftersun stuff for when you forget to put the sunblock on :wink: However don?t sress too much, there are heaps of pharmacies around and they have everything. I ended up getting antibiotics over the counter in Greece for my laryngitis and it only cost me 6 euro?s. The poor people that needed doctors paid up to 200 euro?s per consultation so definitely have a credit card handy for these emergencies and remember that this is why you have travel insurance :wink: [br][br]Definitely don?t worry about not having enough clothes, if you take one warm jumper you will be fine and maybe a jacket if you want to do Jungfrau. Take clothes that mix-n-match and don?t go overboard as you hate yourself when your carrying it up stairs and it weighs a ton. You end up wearing the same things anyhow and you buy clothes along the way so remember that when your jumping on your suitcase before you leave. I had about ? of my backpack free before I left and it weighed 12kg?s ? ended up with a full backpack weighing 14kgs and an extra bag with presents at the end. Remember anything that you take or buy YOU will end up carrying and sometimes you carry it for 10mins so be prepared for that when you pack.[br][br][br]Hope this helps! Sorry its so long, I think that nobody can really prepare you 100% for what you will encounter as it certainly varies from tour to tour but this was most definitely the best thing I have ever done in my life. You honestly do make friends for life and the places you will see will blow your mind. Have fun chickie and let me know if you have any more questions #61514;[br][br]Adela[br][br][br][br][br]Adela and Leszek (Sis and Bro)[br]Summer Fun and Sailing June 26th 2009


Hey there.im not doing that particular tour but your info was pretty helpfull!thats what im after, just good, honest, un-biased advice.[br]cheers! :slight_smile:


Haha, your most welcome!! Im glad I could help :slight_smile: I personally didnt know what to expect before I went on my tour and was on the forum daily reading up on tips like 3 months before hand so I wanted to do the same but more honest rather than promotional if that makes sense :)[br][br]Have fun on your tour![br][br]Adela[br][br]Adela and Leszek (Sis and Bro)[br]Summer Fun and Sailing June 26th 2009


Oh my gosh Adela that was fantastic. Thankyou so much you’ve been a HUGE help.[br][br]I’ll be sure to let you know if I think of any more questions and thankyou again that is very thoughtful of you![br][br]Have a great day :)[br][br]Sam


HI ADELA,[br][br]Thank you for all that information.[br][br]I also have a couple of Questions.[br][br]Where there many couples on your tour? And did they get to share accomodation, even if it is with another couple?[br]And did it seem people didnt want to go out drinkinig because they had picked the cheaper tour and didnt have enough money?[br]And what did you think was the best part?[br][br]Thank you, i really appreciate it, we are tossing up between this tour and the Grand European.


Hey Laura,[br][br]On my tour we had 3 couples and yes, depending on your tour leader they usually put the couples together OR split them up into their own seperate rooms depending on which country your in and avaliablity of rooms HOWEVER we found that the couples would end up sharing with two other girls or guys that werent couples near the end as we all got quite close and didnt have any issues with sharing :)[br][br]I would say that in terms of couples there is enough time to do your own thing especially on the free days where we all wander off and do whatever we feel like anyhow so you will get in some quality time for sure if you are going with your partner.[br][br]The drinking never seemed to be an issue with our group, we would have days where we would all head out and just drink/dance/hang out but mostly we ended up picking up bottles of wine/spirits in the towns and had drinking games and fun nights in, nobody ever got left out and you will never get pressured to drink/not drink as the group is always big enough to allow a mix of people who want to do different things. The tour is by no means a cheapie or budget tour where people become ultra tight with their money, if you are on a tight budget then I suggest picking up bottles of alc in the townships but in saying that some countries (like Greece) had some nice beer for only 2 euros a pint which was awesome!![br][br]Hmm, the best part for me was…pretty much everything :stuck_out_tongue: I know thats chessy but I honestly had such an awesome time and even though i’ve been back for over a month I am still in touch with alot of my tour mates and already planning the next trip/holidays to visit them in Australia etc. The whole experience was a blast and you see so much, if your on facebook feel free to add me and have a sneak peek at my europe photos, that way you can get a feel for whether you think you want to do the Summer Fun and Sailing or the Grand European (Greece was definately a highlight, we went sailing for 3 days and just wow…open sea and a blue sky is just amazing!!)[br][br]Hope that helps! Sorry its a mini essay but i wanted to get everything in :)[br][br][br]Adela[br][br][br](Facebook - abyrski01@yahoo.co.nz, adela byrski nz network, pic is of a blonde girl in a white top)[br][br]Adela and Leszek (Sis and Bro)[br]Summer Fun and Sailing June 26th 2009


this has been such a help! [br]i have been straining my brain about what little nitty-gritty things ill forget… so reading your ‘essays’ has been a big weight off my shoulders!! thanks heaps!! [br][br]


Haha, you guys are all way too sweet but its not a problem. I found these forums were a huge help before I went on my tour so its only fair if I give back to the community :slight_smile: [br][br]Feel free to ask any questions even if you think its silly, or email me/ add me to facebook if your shy about posting on this forum and i’ll get back to you asap![br][br][br]Adela[br][br]Adela and Leszek (Sis and Bro)[br]Summer Fun and Sailing June 26th 2009