Just finishing off European Odyssey


Currently in Amsterdam the last stop of the European Odyssey tour. It’s been a fantastic tour with a great tour leader and driver: Brook and Stevo. [br][br]If anyone has any questions about the tours, i would be happy to help where i can. It is a eurohotel tour so i won’t be able to answer any questions that are for the camping and hostel tours. [br][br]Just a few pointers:[br]

  • People do become sick on the tour, there are heaps of pharmacies that you pass, however it is good to keep/bring some medicine. [/]
  • Be ready for long drives between cities, most people will use the bus as a sleep place. It is hard to get sufficient sleep during the tour because of the various times the activities are placed. some nights you will be having dinner at 6pm , while other nights you may be eating at 10pm. It really varies! [/
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  • Don’t expect 4 star hotels. Each hotels have their tid bits which are either inconvenient or perculiar. Majority pf the hotels are fine, they have showers, beds. THe various designs of the rooms/bathrooms will probably catch people by surprise. It’s just something you have to get used to. [/]
  • The free days that you get are fantastic! even though it’s great to be part of a group it’s also good to have a day where you can pace yourself. Every country has their own metro system, majority are easy to navigate, follow the colours and you’ll be fine. through the tour you will be using various types of transport: bus, train, tram, bike, walking, ferry. We’ve had to catch the metro quite a few times by ourselves. It’s not hard if you pay attention. They give you a get lost sheet anyway with the instructions on how to get back to the hotel. Make sure that the instructions are correct, because we had a few problems with our instructions. [/
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[br][br]Anything else you would like to know shoot a message over. [br][br]xox D


Hi Peramiell,[br][br]It sounds like you had a great time, I’m heading off on the same tour starting Oct 31st… I was just wondering how much money did you end up spending? I’m trying to save up as much as possible so I don’t have to stress whether or not to buy that extra souvenir but I’m not sure what I should be aiming for…[br][br]Also did you find it difficult to keep your luggage under 20kg for the whole tour? It should be okay going over but by the end of it I’m worried I’ll have bought too much stuff![br][br]Thanks for offering to answer questions! :):):)[br][br]Bonnie[br]European Odyssey October 31st 2009


Hi I have some q’s for you - Did you have enough time to see the places that you wanted to see? In particular in Italy and Austria… In the brochure it says that you see the Leaning Tower, but you get to stop and take plenty of pics right???[br][br]Also, do you know how much the skydiving was in Tyrol and if it was worth it? I really want to do it!![br][br]Hope you had a fantastic time on tour xox:)


Bonniem1988: I ended up spending about 1000 euro? It seems quite a lot, but a lot of your money will be spend on buying food when it’s not catered for. Souvenir wise, keychains cost around 1.50euro to 4.50euro. depends on if you go to the markets or an actual store down the road. It is definately helpful if you have a creddy card or debit card, just in case anything goes wrong. i know a lot of the girls brought travelex cards so they could withdraw a bit of cash on the way![br]With the 20kg, i came in with 14.5kg, and the souvenirs haven’t really taken much, so i think i’m in the clear, you definately have time to shop, however you just need to be aware of whether or not you will be able to fit it in your luggage. so be careful of that![br]Hope that helps a bit![br][br]Ange318: In the first part you’ll definately be a bit rushed with what you want to do. France was rushed with so much to do in one day. not so cool, organise where you want to go and be viligant! [br]Italy you definately have a lot of time because you have a bit of free time to wonder yourself. You will treasure these times when you can wonder the city streets yourself! take the map is all i can say!!! Austria is only one night so definately no time to see the sites, especially if you decide to do the extreme sports. If you decide not to, you can walk around town and head up the mountain for a little bit. that was really nice and quiet. Leaning tower, yes definately they walk you in and you can take those awesome shots of you pushing it![br]Unfortunately the clouds were low so the kids didn’t get to go skydiving, however the canyon jumping i heard was fantastic! defiantely worth it![br]Hope that helps!![br][br]xox[br]D


Thanks heaps that makes me feel a bit better, I was panicking about spending money but I should be alright :slight_smile:


I will be going on a Eurohotel tour in Jan next year. My invoice said I need to bring a sleeping bag. I thought being in hotels I wouldn’t need one. Can you confirm?[br][br]Andrea


Andrea:[br]As you’re going in january, i can’t say yes or no. in summer, you definately don’t need a sleeping bag. The hotel does give you extra doonas if you are cold, so you probably don’t need to bring one. I reckon the only reason why topdeck would get you to bring one is because you may want extra warmth.


I finished this tour in May. I had a fantastic time. As Peramiell said the hotels can be interesting and a few such as the one in rome , venice and prague are not directly in the city centre. [br][br]Driving days… if youdont get sleep the night before don’t guarantee a good sleep on the bus unless you can really sleep. [br][br]Optionals i would recommend- bike tour in paris, cabaret was ok but could have taken it or left it. Walking tour in Florence was good, gondola ride in venice, Vatican tour in rome will let you skip the lines. skydiving if you can do it… it rained for us so no skydiving :frowning: we went to the swarovski crystal factory instead which was pretty good. the guys stayed outside and played cricket. you don’t really get to see that much of Austria as such. Get the trip shirt… its worth it. third reich tour was ok in berlin. the sex show and the canal cruise was a must in amsterdam.[br]You will have a blast. [br][br]If you get a good driver and a tour guide it will make it a whole lot better![br][br]European Odyssey 2 May 09[br]UK + Malta


Did you need to bring your own towel or were the towels in the hotel ok? I was thinking of buying a micro fiber towel, but don’t want to spend the money if it’s not necessary. Also, were there laundry facilities at any of the hotels? And last question, did you have time to actually visit museums on your tour? I was thinking about buying museum tickets ahead of time so I could cut the lines, but don’t want to if we won’t get the chance to. [br][br]Thanks!


How much money did you spend (if you don’t mind me asking:-[) I’m a little concerned about it, as I like to shop and I also DO NOT like to go with out stuff, and would totally hate to not have enough… I’m budgeting for 10k (its me and my boyfriend) plus anout 6 on credit cards… [br]What prices are we looking at for meals, optional, and a night out drinking??[br][br]Thanks for your help, your a legend for doing this


ina118: The towels that the hotels supply are perfectly fine. there was only one hotel which supplied towels that seemed like tablecloths. Some people went to the pool party, so you may need a towel for that, so it’s up to you. But definately the hotel towels are awesomo! Laundry facilities, not really. my friend and i washed our own clothes and hung them up around the room because they basically dry overnight. In Austria they do give you the chance if you want. the people in the hostel will take it off you and give it to you in the morning before you leave (obvs)[br]Yes you do get a chance to go see museums, but you definately can’t guarantee which ones you’ll get to see. sometimes there’s a huge queue for one and nothing for the other. and sometimes you’ll get held up at one, and so on. One thing i would suggest in Paris, if you want to see the Notre Dame and the Louvre, go see the NotreDame first thing in the morning ad then go to the Louvre. Notre is the one where you will find the lines, while the Louvre has soo many entrances it’s unlikely to have a queue. Just be careful because they do scan bags so make sure any swiss army knives are kept in the luggage.[br]Hope that helps![br][br]Ange318: I spent about 1k euros. I definately didn’t buy lots and lots. I just bought keyrings, a few tops, sunnies, such things like that. You’ll find that you can deifnately find bargains around if you look. New Yorker in Prague is fantastic for cheap clothes. Meals will range, you can get just a cheap hot dog for 3 euros, or you can go to the restaurants which will range from spag bol at 9.95euros to more extravagant 25euros. really depends where you go. Optionals also range, i think there’s a list on the euro odyssey page that lists the different optionals. The different walking tours, and the bike tours are definately worth it, amazing information and you get to see the sites. about 9 euros for walking tours, and the day trip up and down mt rigi to luzern was 50 euros. skydiving is obvs a bit more expensive i think around 200 to 300 euros… my memories a bit shot. =D A night out drinking… wine can cost around 3 to 5 euros, the cocktails are around 7-14 euros, depends if you go during happy hour. [br]Hope that helps. [br][br]If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Hello! Can you tell me what kind of weather you experienced? We’ll be doing this tour on 5th Sept and not sure what kind of clothes to pack still! Was a rain jacket needed?[br][br]How early was the start of each day? Was it pretty full on each day?[br][br]Thank you!


Hi esnam. [br]September will be a bit different from June/july because you’re going into spring, however italy was definitely the hottest out of all the countries. It rained when we were in Austria and Prague, however it was sporadic so we just carried around little umbrellas in case it did start to shower. Majority of the time people just wore shorts and a t-shirt. There are a few times where you will have to wear clothes that cover the knees and shoulders. I think majority of this was in Italy when you’re visiting the churches. [br]The daily starts vary. Sometimes you’re up at 6.50 to put the bags on the bus for a drive day, on free days you can obviously do whatever you want, wander out of the hotel as you please. Other days you will get a ‘sleep in’ which is 7.30. So it is a fairly packed in timetable. But you do want to get out and about early so you can see everything there![br][br]Hope you have lots of fuunn!!


Just a quick note regarding September weather: it is actually the beginning of autumn in Europe and of course the weather will depend on the country you will be in. Rain jackets are always a good idea to bring - in any Mediterranean country would still feel like it was still summer but you may get some showers the further north you travel.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Hi Peramiell,[br][br]Just a quick question, in each country you visited after the day stuff is over and you go back to the hotels, did you and the other travellers go out and party or clubbing much in the evening? or were you all too tierd for it?[br][br]Thanks[br]Kalolaine.


Hi Kalolaine.[br][br]Personally i only went out a couple of times when the whole group when out, like on pub crawls. HOwever, lots of the crew definitely did go out! If you’re up for a night out then go for it! Prague seemed amazing with the 5 storey night club, so definitly have a visit and ponder around the night life =D