Just booked the coast to coast tour for next year


Hi my friend and i booked the coast to coast tour for October next year, and now they have pulled out of our trip.


Hey Bec!
I have booked the coast to coast trip for next year too LA-NYC leaving on the 21st October (I’m doing to Canadian one first). Hopefully you still go even though your friend pulled out. All of the top deck tours I have been on I went solo and I had an awesome time and made some great friends!!


Hi Bec,

im booked to head over and do the canadian tour on my own. im sure youll be totally fine :slight_smile: looks like a great trip as well. i almost booked that one


Hey yall,

I was looking at the coast to coast to NY in Oct 13. Looks amazing. Going solo also. I’m just going with my gut and think its gonna be an ace time regardless if you go with a friend or not.


Which tour in October have you booked? I will be booking the tour departing for NYC on 11 October and flying solo (you might be surprised at how many people actually do these tours by themselves) :slight_smile:

I did a European Top Deck tour last year and went solo, but still had an amzing time and met lots of great people!

I will be landing in NYC a couple of days before the tour and heading to Hawaii (for a wedding) after…can’t wait!

Just need to get into gear and book everything before I miss out!