Just back from Mega European


Hi I’m just back from my mega European experience - 49 days camping around Europe.

Anyone want suggestions on what to pack/take/do?

I’m happy to answer any questions


hae!! im going on mega european 4th july!! so excited :slight_smile: any recommendations or tips thatll help us out? lol thanks


I have a few! I’m going on the July 18th departure.

  1. Laundry issues, what worked out best getting it done?
  2. Which optionals were the best
  3. I know spending money is an over discussed topic here, but assuming I’m not really a souvenir (honestly lol) person how much did you budget for food, entrance fees, and the optionals?
  4. Any general packing tips
  5. Any general beauty tips- I’m not a girly girl, but I don’t want to look like a scrub either for all the pictures.

Hope you had a great time!


I posted about the lauundry situation early today on another thread so find that one,
Optionals wise the trip to Jungfrau in Switzerland was worth the money, the view was amazing and the ski field was still open when we were there so you could ski or toboggan back from half way up the mountain. The river cruise in Paris was great for getting night photos, and it went past the Eiffel tower. I know that the people that went sky diving in Switzerland loved it and most of them got the video as well, (personally I think it would take the plane being on fire or about to crash to get me to jump out of it). the gondola ride in Vencie was probably the most disapointing, it was obvious that the punters made us feel as if we were just another boring tour group, but it was a different view of the city that being said. the Vatican and Pompeii tours were great. The trip to Capri would have been a whole heap better if it wasnt pouring with rain. The concert and Dinner in Vienna were great, everyone got dressed up, some people did just the concert rather both options. The tour of Auschwitz was very moving if effects everyone differently being there. The walking tour in Berlin was good as there were only topdeck people on our tour. The canal cruise on the final night in Amsterdam was a great way to finish off the tour. The bike tour in Amsterdam is included in the tour price and was really nice, we didnt stop much for photos but it was a good over view of the city. Have a look around as well there are really good walking tours offered by several people as well, we like these guys http://www.newberlintours.com that you can do on your free day. Also I found some good free podcasts on the internet that I put on my Ipod so I could listen to them on the bus before getting into a new city.
I spent around 1500 euro, I dint buy many souvenirs and I dont drink so that is where alot of other people spent their money. That covered the extra meals/snacks we had to buy and all the optionals that I wanted to do plus the souvenirs. I also spent a week in Holland after the trip with family and used my euros there.
I put my packing list on here before I left and have to say that I used every thing on the list, I would prob take flats rather than my heels. shoes take up alot of space in you bag so less is more in that area. I also used all of the medication on my list, I have added some cream for itchy bites to the list. I was lucky in that I didnt get the “bus cold” until the last week of the trip. here is the list again, less is more
the other thing that helped me be more organised was packing cells I had all my tops in one, my sorts and pants in another, I had 3 small ones for all my electrical stuff, my medication, and my sock/undies. this help know where everything was and it was heaps easier to lift out the cell than unpack half a pack just to find some socks. another space saving trick is to roll your clothes than to fold them, keeps them less wrinkled as well.

4 shirts/blouses/tops
2 pairs trousers (jeans, pants)
1 skirt
1 shorts
1 pants
1 dress
Swimsuit/sarong/board shorts
2 warm tops
1 light top
Parka/feather jacket
4-5 pairs socks + flight socks
4-5 pairs undergarments
sun hat / woollen hat
1 pair dressy shoes
1 pair walking shoes
flip-flops or sandals (good for shower shoes)

travel pack - hybrid ones are the best with wheels and you can carry it on your back as well
laundry bag
luggage lock(s)

alarm clock/watch (batteries?) or just use your cellphone
torch, extra batteries
multipurpose tool - scissors/nail clippers
conversion plug, double plug
travel pillow, pillow case
sleeping bag, silk liner

sewing kit and safety pins
Ziploc plastic bags
drink bottle

toothbrush, cap, tooth cleaner, floss
shampoo, conditioner, soap
[unbreakable] mirror
large microfibre towel (washcloth)

universal (flat) sink stopper
detergent, spot remover, washing powder

Small packets of tissues good for toilet paper
antibacterial wipes, alcohol gel
insect repellent
sunscreen & lip balm
bandage, comfeel/blister dressings, tubi grip
Multi vitamins
Sun glasses, case
Small travel umbrella
earplugs & eye mask
Cream for bug bites
Gastrolyte (oral rehydration powder)
Mylanta (relieves heart burn)
Antibiotic Cream
Neurofen (relieves pain/fever)
Paracetamol (relieves pain/fever)
Immodium (relieves diarrohea)
Augmentin (oral antibiotics for infections)
Laxsol (relieves constipation)
Cyclizine (relieves motion sickness/vomiting)
Antihistamines (relieves allergic reactions/helps you sleep)
Cold and Flu tablets (be careful with ones containing codeine, banned in some countries)
Any other regular meds you take
Saline eyedrops
Hyperfix/strapping tape

pen(s), small notebook, stapler + staples [for notes, addresses, diary]
personal address book + phone numbers,
maps, guidebook, Post-it notes, International Youth card, phone cards, reading material
playing cards

passport, visas, extra passport photos
copies of important documents ie bookings/accommodation/tours/passport/credit cards
driver’s license, health and travel insurance information
travel tickets, airline/topdeck
Visa card, Travelex cards, cash

Camera (lens, case, gorillapod, extra cards, battery & charger)
Cellphone + charger
Ipod & charger
Gifts if staying with family/friends

I took face wipes which were much easier than tryig to stick to your normal routine. I brought my shampoo/conditioner/bodywash in London so I didn’t have to take them all the way from NZ on the plane. I used tinted moisturiser daily and put make up on for special occasions/going out. We often had cold showers and the toilets in eastern europe were no the best. Hand sanitiser and packet tissues were a life saver.

49 days is a long time on the bus with the same people so be prepared, the last week or so everyone was ready for a change and feeling tired. But you will lear some good life skills like how to put up a tent so you dont get flooded in a thunder storm, how to pack you stuff in less than ten minutes and how to sleep through anything in any positon on the bus.

The trip was amazing, have heaps of photos and memories and new friends

I’m sure there is some thing else I was going to say, still a bit jetlagged from flying back from Rarotonga.

Just ask if there is any thing else you want to know


Thanks for the list! Helps alot! :slight_smile:


Hi there, awesome list, I’ll be using this as a guide!! Not sure if you can help but on your tour did you go out many to places that required ID?? Pubs etc?? I’m not too keen on carting passport out with me (especially if I have had a few :)) but did you come across any places in particular that really enforced ID and if so, what did everyone use?? Cheers Greer


Not sure on that one, it was recommended to keep your passport oin you rather than leaving it in the tents. I had my NZ drivers licence with me as well.


hi, I’m going on the mega Europe on the 15/8/10. wondering if anyone is going on the same date?

thanks to Larissa for the information its well informed and very helpful, but cant find the laundry topic? where did you post it.



Here is the link to the laundry discussion http://forum.topdeck.travel/european-tour/15920/washing-clothes-on-tour#reply-12


Oh yeah I was also going to say that on our very first free day (paris) we quickly figured out that trying to see a city in a big group (I think we had about 8 or 9)wasn’t the best idea, it was hard to get every one to make a decision about what to do next and where to eat etc, what I found worked best was to work out what you wanted to really do the night before with a small group of friends (four to five including youself usually worked best) and then you spend less time on the free day trying to decide what to do and more time out doing it and sometimes you had more time to do other things that you hadn’t planned on. Even if you are planning on doing the same things as other groups we usually did it faster and more efficiently with our little group and it wasn’t always the same small group people as you can mix it up who you spend the day with. Just something to think about…


what was the bus like?


Umm it was a bus, ours seated 53 people, it had a charging station, a dvd player and a TV at the front and one half way down the bus. There was a toilet on the bus but it was only for emergencies and for “number ones”. We also had ipod jack so we could play music. There were luggage racks above our heads and near the end of the trip the few spare seats were used for storage as well. Otherwise it was just the same as any other tour bus. Oh actually the most important thing is “it’s not a bus it’s a coach”