Just back from Essential Europe!


Hi guys my partner and I just got back from the essential erope tour- was the best thing I have ever done!! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!!! [br]Jo


Hey JoJords,[br][br]My sister and i are going on that tour in December. what was the highlight of your tour? Were there any optionals that you think are a must see or any that weren’t that crash hot? [br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Jen[br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


Highlight of the tour was probably Amsterdam and Italy! Italy is amazing, the food is awesome and this history mind blowing! Optional activites we all together great, our whole group however were a little disappointed with the canal dinner cruise in Amsterdam. It was cut short because we were late, we had chinese food which wasn’t that good and because it’s dark you cant see much!! None of us thought it was worth 30?!! But going out afterwards with most of the group was good!!! Vatican tour is worth going on, you miss the lines and you get to find out alot of stuff that you might miss if you go on your own!!! Some of our group did canyoning in Austria and said it was a good experience but very cold and a few bruises! It was the best way to see alot in a short amount of time - we loved it all!!!


Cheers for that! Yeah i am really looking forward to Italy! i mean all the places are going to be awesome but yeah italy is a highlight for me. [br][br]thanks for your tips![br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


Hello![br][br]I’m about to begin the essential europe tour set for this week. Is it pretty necessary to bring a sleeping bag? Am I not able to hire extra blankets at the hotels? Or would it be worth it to purchase a sleeping bag in London, which is where I currently am before we depart on Tuesday.[br][br]Also, do the tours give some free time during the evenings for us to catch up with some friends we may have in the countries we are going to?[br][br]Cheers!


No I wouldn’t bother with a sleeping bag, the rooms are all very warm and most places have an extra blanket in the cupboard in your room. Most nights are free to do whatever you want! You get lots of time to do things on your own during the day at most places!


Jo, I’m not doing the same tour but my questions could probably relate to all holidays… What was the accommodation like? Was it far from the main towns? was it clean? etc etc[br][br]Nic[br][br]Nicole[br]Newcastle, Australia[br]Grand European 2009 :slight_smile:


Most of the accomodation was great, there were a few that we had complaints about bathrooms but on the whole they were all clean and comfortable! The blue tower in amsterdam our whole group voted as the best, it is new and has awesome rooms and the best breakfast! All of the hotels were a short train ride or taxi ride from town. If we went out at night it was very easy to get home after a few drinks! But a word of warning the elevators are all very small and there are always lots of stairs!!! Hope this helps,[br]Jo


Thanks Jo, one more question (sorry!)… what about security in the accommodation? did anyone have any problems with leaving luggage in the rooms and going out at night/day?[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European 2009 :slight_smile:


No we had no problems at all, not even at the hostels we stayed in in London and Scotland! We just made sure we kept our suitcases locked when we left the room, but I left mine open a few times and it was all good!!!


Thanks Jo! Thats a weight off my shoulders.[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European 2009 :slight_smile: