Just a questioon!


Hi I was just wandering if someone knows how much does the tube costs from Heathrow to Russell Square (both way) [br]And also if you know how much it costs the “all day travel card” [br]Thanks so much for the help!! [br][br]soph


Hey Soph,[br][br]It costs 4 pounds one way for the underground, so both ways its going to be 8 pounds. The underground works on a zoning system, with there being zone 1 to 6, heathrow airport is in zone 6 and its about a 45min-1hr ride to Russell Square. [br][br]The whole day pass is definately the way to go especially if you want to explore London. It costs 7.50 pounds for the whole day and covers zones 1-6. [br][br]Hope that helps![br][br][br]Adela[br][br]Adela and Leszek (Sis and Bro)[br]Summer Fun and Sailing June 26th 2009


Thanks so much Adela!!![br]You really helped me out :smiley: [br]Take care [br][br]soph


Do you ask that because Russell Square is where the tour kicks off and finishes at? If you did, keep in mind that (so I’ve been told) the tube doesn’t open until 5.30am and check in for the tour is at 6/6.30am so you may be pushed for time.


Thanks Kayla![br]I get there the day before the tour so I don’t have that problem [br]But thanks for the info. I needed the schedule of the tube for the last day. [br]Thank you! :)[br][br]soph