Jungfrau Mountain


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Who on here has done the Jungfrau Mountain option when in Switzerland? If you have could you pay for it by card?



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I went on it last year and from what I can remember you have to pay for it in cash. Usually you pay you tour leader the day before on your drive days but if you don’t have the cash you usually stop somewhere where ATM’s are close and can just withdraw the cash. Because the tour leader collects all the money and buys the tickets for you before you head up you need to be able to give them cash.

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Thanks for that

In that case, I’ll bring that amount of cash in Swiss Francs with me then to avoid an extra charge at the ATM. As it’s close to the beginning of my trip I’ve no issues carrying that cash around.


Or, maybe I could bring very little/no swiss Francs and take it all out when I’m there???

Ah, decisions, decisions


On the drive day to Lauterbrunnen we stopped at a kind of small shopping centre for the bus drivers 20 min mandatory break and there was an ATM there. We all just piled out and used that to get enough Swiss Francs for the two days. If I remember correctly I think there was also a money exchange shop that people used there as well. Depending on what travel card you have you might not get charged using the ATM. I found using the ATM was easiest as I didn’t want to have to carry around so much cash before that.


I did it in April and we could pay by card we just had to pay the people at the campsite. Switzerland is the only place on the tour where we didn’t have to pay the tour leader or even before you do anything. The only thing you have to pay the tour leader for before anything is about 30 Swiss franc if you go and do the skydiving and then you pay the rest at the office.