June 2017 Kiwi Encounter/ Grand Kiwi


Hey all!
I’m about to book my trip for June! Travelling solo from Aus. Anybody else booked or hoping to book this trip too? Would love to hear from you :slight_smile:


Hey Ange, I’m looking at doing this tour - i’ll keep you updated if i book it or not. Just haven’t full committed to it as i’m unsure if this is the right tour for me (not a massive drinker at all so have to decide if topdeck is more adventuring than drinking haha)


Hey Holly,
Ended up going on the northern explorer last year and found there was definitely more adventure than drinking if that’s your thing. Less than half would go out partying at night! Would definitely recommend topdeck, you’ll be well looked after. Take care!


oh thank you so much for your reply !! it’s one of the main things im considering while booking a trip.

Really appreciate your reply !!