June 11 European Pioneer


Hey guys![br][br]Is anyone else doing this tour? I keep seeing other dates so im curious!![br][br];D


Or is anyone doing the June 11 Timeless Trail tour or the June 26 Olymic link tour? I think those two tours combine with the European Pioneer =)


I’m doing this one :slight_smile: Less than 6 weeks til I leave Australia so about 7 weeks until the tour![br][br]< European Pioneer - June 10 - July 16 2009 >


YAY! I was beginning to think it was just going to be me, my friend and a coach bus lol.[br][br]Which places are you looking forward to visiting??[br][br]These 7 weeks better go fast! Ive been fighting the urge to pack already :)[br][br] European Pioneer June 11- July 16[br]


Exciting stuff… you are lucky your tour is only 7 weeks away. I am doing the European Pioneer late in the season 3rd Sept - 8th Oct. [br][br]Would love to hear some feedback on the tour once completed, since it is a newbie trip for Topdeck. Good luck with resisting the urge to pack, and have an awesome time!!![br][br][br]Rebekah [br]European Pioneer 3rd Sept - 8th Oct '09


Our tour is practically full so it’s certainly not just us and a bus![br][br]I’m particularly looking forward to Easten Europe - never even remotely thought of visiting any of those countries before this trip came up![br][br]I went to Italy and Switzerland in 1995 but don’t remember heaps.[br][br]I definitely want to sky dive in Switzerland as well so I guess I’m fairly excited about that too![br][br]What about yourself? Staying at the Generator the night before?[br][br]< European Pioneer - June 10 - July 16 2009 >


Hey I’m doing this tour on June 25. WOuld love to hear how it goes. I guess you’ll still be on it when I start though!![br][br]Do you know how many people go on this tour at a time?[br][br][br][br]European Pioneeer 25 June - 30 July


I’m also looking forward to Eastern Europe (Esp Austria and Croatia)! and I’m really excited about Switzerland. My friend who is coming on this tour with us is planning to do the sky diving there as well. You guys are brave!!![br][br]Yeah were staying at the Generator, our flight lands in london around 10am (June 10th) so we have the whole day there. What about you? Are you bring a sleeping bag? [br][br][br]Rebekah and Carlie- I will definitely let you guys know how it was =) and i think around 35 people go on this tour, but I’m not positive. [br][br][br][br] European Pioneer June 11- July 16[br]


My flight lands about 4pm and will be heading straight to the Generator from the airport. Guess I will catch up with you there - unless you have facebook and I can add you?[br][br]25 days til I leave Australia now … getting exciting …[br][br]< European Pioneer - June 11 - July 16 2009 >


heya[br][br]sarah and i are on this tour also, looking forward to it ( the 11th june european pioneer that is )[br][br]we are staying at the generator the night before however we are doing a few tours of the u.k on its own before hand.[br][br]looking forward to italy, france, greece, most things to be honest !![br][br]i think the biggest job is finding what to pack, ( the horror )[br][br]look forward to meeting you all and having a drink or twelve :)[br][br]mike ( and sarah ) :slight_smile:


18 days til I leave Australia … so exciting :D[br][br]< European Pioneer - June 11 - July 16 2009 >


Jhernandez3@campus.citytech.cuny.edu ( extremely long email address haha) is my email for facebook =).Yeah you can meet up with us when you get there! [br][br]Mike(and sarah)- Packing is becoming the biggest challenge. I have no idea what to pack, and im scared im going to over do it. Good luck to you guys![br][br]Oliva- What part of canada are you from?[br][br]I look forward to meeting all you guys!! less than a month to go!!! =)[br][br] European Pioneer June 11- July 16[br]


Hi Everyone,[br][br]I am going on the Olympic Link tour which will join youre tour.[br][br]First time to Europe and traveling alone.


I depart the land of Oz in 2 days … so that means 2 weeks until the tour :D[br][br]< European Pioneer - June 11 - July 16 2009 >