Jordan & Israel from 22 - 31 October 2017


Hi everyone,

Is anyone signed up to do the Jordan & Israel tour, starting October 22? It would be great to meet some people before the tour begins.



hello VioColin…Welcome to the topdeck Fourm!!

Thank you for start this nice topic… and i’m really interested.:relaxed:

What can we do next??



I’m signed up for this trip!

looking forward to it


Hi Rosie! That’s amazing, I thought that I was the only one signed up to this trip. I’m from Mexico, where are you from?

Hope to see you in Jordan :slight_smile:


Hello. I’m Alex from New York, I might join this trip since it is guaranteed departure but I’m waiting to see if it goes on sale because I want to have my own room


I’m from New Zealand :slight_smile:

I’ve toured Europe through topdeck, it will be interesting to see how the Middle East goes :slight_smile:


I might be signing up for this. Would anyone want to go a side trip to the massada fortress on day 8 from jerusalem?


Having trouble with the chat on the topdeck app, are there people talking on there already? Nothing loads for me :cry:


Hey Alex! Hope you can join us in this trip :slight_smile:


If we have enough time to visit considering the Old city tour, I can join to that visit


Also nothing loads for me :frowning:


Hopefully the tour will go on sale because as of now on G Adventures they have an 8 day tour of Israel which is $1,999 but the site allows you to pick a different currency to use a price so when Canadian dollar is selected the price becomes under $1,800 after the conversion. That comes out to be $600 cheaper, it’s 2 days less but I’m more interested in seeing Israel and only want to see Petra and Wadi Rum in Jordan which I can do a 2 day tour from Israel


I was thinking that too. I really want to go on one of the trips that include Cairo but I dont want the 5 day stop at the beach resort, and top deck doesnt work with you on the price if you wanted to do something else. I’d like to go on a 2 day cairo tour from tel aviv if someone wants to join.


Hello, i like to travel in different session within budget. i would like to Jordan Tour Operator which is given best services and affordable tour packages.


I think I will be joining this trip. Is anyone getting to Amman a day or two early and staying in Tel Aviv for a few days after?

Would be great to meet up before the tour/ explore Tel Aviv afterwards together if anyone was interested.


Hi!! I’ll arrive to Jordan early morning the first day and the catch up with the team starts at 7-8pm