Jordan and Israel April 22 - May 1, 2018


Anyone is booked or planning on booking this tour? I just signed up for this tour and looking forward to seeing who else is going to be on this tour.



Planning to book 8-17th April trip :slight_smile:


Thats cool! I booked the 8-17th for April during the Black Friday sale Topdeck had! :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

I’m booked into this trip too! Looking forward to it!



Hey Lila,

Welcome! So far there are 4 of us on this trip according to the app. Where are you coming from?


Hopefully more that 4 sign up to this trip! I’m coming from New Zealand, how about you?


I’m pretty sure there will be, most people don’t bother using the forum or the app they just show up. I’m from New York. Are you doing anything else besides this tour?


yeah! i’m travelling around europe and canada for a couple of weeks afterwards with some friends and family! what about you?


So far my plan is to spend a few days in Dubai before the tour, few days in Israel after and than possibly Budapest and Vienna for another 3 days each