Joining up with another tour!


Hey everybody!
I’ve been on a few Contiki tours but I really want to try out Topdeck. Just curious about other people’s experiences doing a tour that joins up with another tour that already started earlier, if that makes any sense haha! For example I really like the itinerary for the Imperial Trail that starts in Rome but you meet up with the Mega European on their 15th day. Is it hard to join in when everybody has already become friends? I’ll be travelling alone. Any input would be helpful thanks!! :slight_smile:



I did the same thing last year. I did a tour that met up with another one after 7 days. I was solo and i found it really hard to fit in as people had already formed groups. i think it took me 12days out of my 19days to feel kinda included, i just had to put my self out there. but there were always people who couldnt be bothered making the effort with you. i do think this was the biggest downer of the tour.

I hope this helps. I sure there are people though who have had better experiences.


I was solo in 7 days 6 nights … It was an unforgettable memories. For me personally. Everyone should try it.