Joining mid-tour


I was wondering what people’s experience was with joining a tour group that has already been together for a while. I’m an American college student, and am spending this semester in Edinburgh. I was supposed to spend about three weeks backpacking independently with another student from my study abroad program before the start of the semester. She just canceled on me three weeks before we are supposed to leave, so now I’m looking for a tour to go on. I am arriving in Edinburgh on August 24th, have a flight booked to Italy on the 25th, and have to be back in Edinburgh by September 13th. The Gondola’s Go North tour leaving Rome on the 29th fits my schedule very well. My only concern is that I will be one of a few joining the Grand European tour after 13 days, and that everyone will have already found there friends in the group. Has anyone done one of these “partial tours”, especially if you were traveling alone? What was your experience like?


Hi Adam,

I’ve done a number of tours where I’ve both joined and had other people join. Usually all it takes is buying a round of drinks! Seriously, if you make the effort to get to know the group, this is usually reciprocated. The Tour Manager should introduce you when you join and this does make life easier. I would recommend taking the plunge and booking.



Hi Adam,

My partner and I joined mid-tour…everybody was friendly but you could see that people on tour had already bunched up into groups already which did make it hard to mingle around…

Would definetly recommend joining start of tour, although if you don’t mind being passed around the group it shouldn’t be a problem… Anyways, by the 2nd week in you kind of know which people you want to hang out with more.