Joining mega european tour in turkey 13th sept


hi every one, im bec, im 29 and doing my first top deck tour and travelling solo. im doing the eastern explorer from istanbul to london starting on the 13th september, im really excited think its part of the mega european that leaves london on the 16th august, looking forwards to a great trip, meeting new people and having some awesome adventures!


Hi Bec, i’m a Bec too and am travelling solo for the first time on the Mega European leaving on 16 August! Look foward to meeting you in Turkey! Glad to see there are some “older” people too (i just turned 32!) :slight_smile:


Hey Bec(s),

Im on that tour too!, 19 days!! (and its draggggggggggggging on!!!) bring on Europe!! lol



hi bec and josh, not long now! wish i was doing the whole trip from london but time off work and money stopped me! anyway just a query are you guys taking sleeping bags? i did not think we needed them but dont want to get caught out! see you guys in istanbul!
from bec (alice springs!)


joining the tour august 30… :-[ we were close…lol


Last week i visited Istanbul that i want to say taht is a splendit city. We arranged a half day morning Bosphorus with Dolmabahce Palace tour from this site and they did a good job. We were picked up from our hotel in the morning at they arrived at the exact hour they give me. I loved that because i don’t like to wait. It was a relaxing cruise on the Bosphorus and the view and all the beauties are worth to see It is the only place where to see the Asia and the Europe in the same time J you must do this cruise on the sun set. After this lovely cruise we wisited The Dolmabahce Palace… wow… it is an amasing palace with such luxary inside. The Ottoman Sultans had spent a lot of money to built it All the trip was very lovely. Thank you for this unforgetable short tour…