Joining Longer Trips


I’m looking at doing a trip that joins a longer one a little before half way thought. I was wondering if anyone had any information about this? Such as past experience doing this, or seeing it happen. I would like to know if it is super weird to have people join the trip and if a lot of people of do these trips that join longer ones. I’m thinking of doing the Imperial Trial that joins the Mega European. Any advice would be very welcome.


I did the Venetian Trail trip, which is a 14 day tour, that joins a 28 day tour halfway through. As far as meeting the people that had already been touring, I don’t think you’ll find that an issue as long as your a socialble person. There were 5others that joined the tour with me for Venetian, and we quickly slipped into the group/family. The only downside I saw, was that a lot of the group was pretty tired by the time I joined. I’m not a huge party person, but I do like going out in the evening and seeing the nightlife. Sadly, a lot of the guys were a little under the weather from colds gained travelling on the bus, or just overall exhaustion. We still had a great time, but the first few days in Rome could have been a bit better as the group recouperated!



I just did Russian Revelations which joins the Red Star Special on day 21. Not going to lie, it was very hard integrating with a group that had spent so much time together and shared so many experiences. But after a day on the bus and a few group meals together you almost forgot that they’d all known each other. There’ll usually be a few people joining- we had 6 join on my first night, another 6 the next day and then the day after that had another 6. As long as you’re willing to put yourself out there and get to know people you’ll be fine.