Joining a tour midway through



Last year did a contiki of major cities in western europe. Wanted to hit Eastern Europe, but also part of Greece if possible. There’s a tour that is basically what I’m looking for through TopDeck called Road to Prague (Rome to Prague).

Rome is my favorite city i’ve ever been to. 3 days in Greece is exactly what I’m looking for and wanted to hit the Croatian coast, Budapest, and Prague.

However, it looks like this is Day 15 of a larger trip. I’m unable to get more vacation than the 2 weeks, so couldn’t do the whole trip, and it covers a lot of what I did last summer anyway.

However, I’m thinking about my 14 day tour last year and how close the group got near the end and considering this would be day 15 of a larger tour, I’m worried that it’ll be awkward and difficult socially. Anyone ever joined a larger group have experience/any idea of how many people choose like me to only to the Road to Prague as the smaller part of the European Discovery tour? If there were say 10 people doing this, atleast we could bond if the rest of the group was already set.


Hey! I am actually doing the Road To Prague this summer starting July 21 in Rome. I previously did Paparazzi Parade which was joining a trip which the group had been together for 7 days already. Topdeck does a great job of helping people integrate into the group. This will be my 4th Topdeck tour and I haven’t had a bad experience. I’m hoping that this time is great also, but there is always a concern of fitting in.


I think it depends on the group! We had 5 people join 15 days in to our 28 day tour, I personally made a big effort to make them feel welcome and join in with everyone because I know if it was me solo I would struggle so I think they really appreciated it mind you it was a group of 3 and 2 so at least they had each other… I think that it will be fine though :slight_smile:


For that particular trip, I wouldn’t worry too much about joining mid way through. It’s part of the Discover Europe 33 day trip, which has multiple separate legs people can join. There will be people leaving at Rome as you pop in, so some groups will be broken up and new people can full those gaps :slight_smile:

If it fits with your work dates, and goes to where you want to visit, go for it. Just my 2c.


hey there! i haven’t been in this exact position myself but on my trip last year in New Zealand I was on a large tour and we had a few people join on the south island about 10 days into the tour. Yeah we’d all gotten very close but we were all so excited to meet new people and i feel like we all got on really well, probably helped that we all went on a night out together when they got here but everyone is really welcoming and it shouldn’t affect your trip!! have fun!