JOIN ME NZ - NORTHERN EXPLORER - Sun 26 Mar - Sat 01 Apr


Solo traveller, Officially booked! YAY. is anyone going on this trip?! Would love to get to know anyone going :slight_smile:


Hi Mesh :slight_smile: I have also booked this tour for these dates, as a solo traveller. Where are you from?


Hey girl! Yay! Im from sydney what about you?
So exciting.


Hey Mesh

I am booked to do this tour and also a solo traveller! First time to NZ and first solo trip! Do you have overnight accommodation on 25th?


Hi lovely. Wooo. My first time too! Where abouts are you from?
Yup im staying at Ibis Styles Auckland for the night of the 25th



I’ve requested to stay at the ibis also the night of the 25th but still waiting for confirmation. I’m from the UK but based in Melbourne until end of April. Should be a fun trip! Need to get a back pack :see_no_evil:


Not long now! :grimacing: I’m coming from Melbourne, arriving on the 25th. My accomodation became unavailable at Ibis Styles my travel agent told me, so am staying at Ibis Budget Auckland Central. Hope they confirm yours soon Emma, mine became unavailable last week.


When i google it, it says the ibis styles and ibis budget is the same thing? Aghh I’m so excited! It’s coming so quickly.
Do you girls have facebook btw?


That’ll be good if they are :slight_smile: apparently it’s not far from where the tour leaves. Sure am on Facebook, do you girls have the topdeck app?


Yes not long now! My accommodation fell through at the ibis so they’ve booked me into nomads which is a backpackers but I have my own room. Its only a 4 minute walk from where the tour starts, so that’s good! Don’t have the top deck app? Are you guys taking suitcase or just back pack?! I don’t have big backpack so planning to take small suitcase and backpack-hope this will be ok?! What time do you arrive on Saturday? I’m flying in from Melbourne also


We could totally meet for dinner on the night we arrive if you guys want. Ill be arriving around 1pm i think it is. Mines at the ibis. Yeah i only have a big suitcase hahaha, do they have a size restriction though? yeah i think that should be fine. Are you guys excited! I need to start packing on the asap. @Ashleigho @Emma_Lou


Hi everyone, Ive come from the UK and am already staying in Auckland. Up for meeting up before the trip, let me know wherever and whenever. And I’ve got a huge backpack and a mini backpack as I have most definitely overpacked. Excited to meet everyone x


@Dnemane @Emma_Lou @Ashleigho Hey lovelies, add me on facebook - Meshelle Capulong - then we can maybe meet up on our first night before our tour starts! I’m so excited! Still need to pack! agh!


Hi girls!! Getting very excited, I’m flying from Melbourne and get in just before 2pm Saturday, @Emma_Lou. Are you on this flight? There’s a topdeck app you can download and put your booking number in to log in. I’ve packed a suitcase and backpack… I’m shocking at packing light!


What did you pack? hahaha im packing tonight! I have to be up at 5am tomorrow morning! I feel nervous and excited!
I just downloaded the app. :slight_smile: Wish you guys a safe flight x


Hi ladies. My flight gets in at 6.30pm tomorrow so most likely won’t be able to meet before tour? Hoping where I stay has wifi and I can keep in the loop. I have borrowed a suitcase, but have limited clothes etc as I’m in Australia only for 7 months! But it’s all good, it’s an exciting experience. I’ll be wearing joggers and jumpers haa!
Safe flight. Look forward to meeting on Sunday. I will download the app tonight.


Yes looking forward to meeting you girls! My Facebook is Ashleigh Oliver if you can find me, may be easier to keep in contact that way, I’ve sent you a request Meesh. Well if you get there and want to catch up for a drink tonight Emma, sing out :slight_smile: @meshpotatoes I’m happy to do tea if you wish, hopefully a few on the tour are staying at Ibis


For sure you should still come meet up. :slight_smile: