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hey guys,
probably a random question but i really want to be a tour manager with topdeck next year, any suggestions for getting the job and what they will be looking for in a TM??? anything would be much appreciated


Funnily enough I actually asked about this, one of the topdeck bus drivers was on the forum so I asked him about it. I dont want to give out his email. But his username on here is Mrbus driver. He was so helpful. Apparently the minimum age is usually 23. I’m quite interested in doing this, if not next year then the year after - I have a background in tourism so hopefully that helps.


hey hey well im 23 atm and i have a uk passport so i guess thats good, im doing a tourism retail course atm so that cant be bad can it lol. wanna pass on any suggestions lol


Hate to break it to ya, but if ur doing a tourism course - Im guessing international retail travel sales, something like that. Get a traineeship. When I say I have a background in it I have done the course, and am still trying to get a job. Did it in 2008 - Cant get a job in australia. Generally most places want experience, well ok when I say most I mean 9 out of 10 ads. Flight centre want you to have done university enterence exams (dont know which state ur in so) which is stupid cause to get into the course you only need year 10 - even though I did year 12. I got told by their HR people its because they use a more advanced computer system, which isn’t really the case.

The best advice I could give is if your not too far into your course, do a traineeship - then you’ll most likely have a job at the end.

I wish you luck


serious??? i went to uni for 3 years but dropeed out so will see that is so shit, good luck


Hey Guys

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