I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now, and I was just wondering if anyone who has travelled previously suffered from jetlag, or what you did/didnt do to to prevent it…[br][br]I really dont want to get there and be totally zonked out and miss out on a few days because i’m too groggy to think straight…[br][br]I’ve noticed that a few people are flying in the day before the tour, and I was also wondering what you are gonna do to avoid it…[br][br]i dunno if i’m the only one thinkng about it - my sleep patterns are all out of whack normally! lol[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Hey… [br]i have heard of some good things to help prevent jetjag.!![br][br]You can buy some type of travel sachets from pharmacies that are like electrolyte replacements so it helps prevent dehydration which in turn helps prevent fatigue etc…check them out next time your in a pharmacy, last time i checked they were a bit pricey…$20 for 4 sachets or something!! Not sure if they work…perhaps someone knows if they help at all…??[br]Otherwise… find something that will knock you out so you sleep for a good chunk of the flight…haha, Valerian works for some!![br][br]I’m doing a tour in July and we have 2 full days in London before it all starts which is awesome…gives us a chance to get over the timechange…i don’t think i could get there the night before the tour i would be so knackered…!![br][br]Hope this helps… :D[br][br]J.[br][br]


Hey[br][br]I am a flight attendant my self so its a normal thing for me. There is not much you can do to prevent it because it’s time change and your bidy just need o adjust everyone is different, but all you can do is sleep. Listen to your body and it shouldn’t take very long at all, Don’t try and fight your body wanting rest. Nanna naps help me out alot! I’m not the best with it either i have 2 days in London before my tour.[br][br]Make sure you keep well hydrated on your flight drinks heaps of water and less caffeinated drinks and alcohol and it will make you feel a bit better. Sleeping on the plane will help a lot and drinking water won’t make you feel as crap when you wake up whilst you are flying.


I suffered from Jetlag unfortunately. We had to get 3 planes as we were traveling to Scotland so by the 3rd plane we were totally stuffed. The Jetlag didn’t really hit me until a couple of hours after arriving at our destination. We had about a 40min drive to where we were staying…then the room started spinning and I felt so nauseous. My advice like Judy, would be to take something to make you sleep. [br][br]I do shift work and use Restavit (doxylamine succinate) (non-prescription medication) usually take only a 1/2 a tablet, sometimes 1 tablet to help me get to sleep. They don’t make you feel really groggy the next day…[br]What you could do is test Restavit before you travel to see whether it works for you. The last thing you want toi do is take it on the plane and get side-effects from it. [br][br]Just as a tip, if anyone plans to take medication say for example to Singapore be aware you need special clearance in some cases for some prescription medication. For more info: [br][br][br]In saying that, some hypnotic medication such as Zolpidem (trade names include Ambien, Stilnox etc), Temazepam (trade name includes Normison) require approval by HSA Singapore. The website is informative and if you require approval for any medication you have, the process is pretty easy. [br][br]Oh, even if you are only having a short stop-over in Singapore (say a few hours) you will still require approval. [br][br]Hope that helps.


thanks guys[br][br]i also found this on gogogear (love that site!!) what do u guys think?[br][br]i know what u mean about the medication - i have some that i need to take with me (i get migraines and have a lot of triggers! been getting them since i was 6) and i need aproval in Australia!! So I’ll be getting my dr to write a letter to explain why i need them[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


I suffered from jet lag in both directions and was very glad to have arrived in the UK a week before the tour so I had time to adjust.[br][br]I found the jetlag after the flight home to Perth was much much worse, as we didn’t stop over and I am unable to sleep on planes, I even took Temazepam and it did nothing![br][br]My advice, don’t plan to have to go back to work straight after arriving home, you will need at least a few days to adjust.


gday, when i flew couple years back, i was fine going over, left oz around 11am and got into copenhagen next morning at 8.30. didn’t go to bed til 12 that night. (40hrs no sleep). Was all good from there on. Think you will find the excitement will wipe out a lot of the effects(ha, well that was somebodies theory. worked for me8-)[br][br]On the way back though was a killer. probably didn’t help only averaging 5-6hrs sleep for the month. Took a few days to get over it then. Couldn’t even drive 2.5hrs to get home when i got back. stopped half way, gets dangerous with those micro sleeps. [br][br]So happy travelling and hope nobody gets too much jetlag


I suffered no jetlag coming home thankfully. Such a horrible experience. It took me a few days to adjust, especially getting used to twilight which is fantastic.


I dont usually suffer jet lag during my holidays but once I get home I am exhausted! I just adopt the time of where ever I am going as soon as I arrive, & never sleep in the day. I dont need much sleep though and can be on the go for a while. I am arriving late in the avo on the Saturday and the tour starts on the Sunday morning. I would prefer a day or two in London but I am at uni and have exams on the Friday and cannot leave any earlier. I think I should be fine as by the time I get to the hostel and settled I can go straight to sleep. When I get back home after a holiday ther is no more adrenalin to run on and the exhaustion of it all hits me and I am tired for a good week![br][br]Odette[br][br]Mega European June 22nd


It does have worst effects you in you coming back to aus.


I finally remembered what the travel rehydration product was called and i found it has a website…[br][br]Got some good info anyway…!Even if you don’t get this kind of thing just drink plenty of water. In theory these options seem awesome but sometimes there is no avoiding jetlag…![br][br]Does anyone find that on long haul flights you get fed soooo much haha especially if you have a few ‘in transit’ stops? [br]I guess if you try and keep to your normal eating patterns it will help you sleep also…!I will be on a midnight flight out of Aus and the last thing i want is food at 1am haha so I will be getting sometime to make me sleep :).[br][br]I think on the way home Jetlag would always be worse because you don’t have the same adrenaline and excitement levels to keep you pumped up haha…!![br][br]I am always excited about my trip even though it’s still a while away …haha ;D[br][br]J.


On the way home I think it’s easier…you are more relaxed and not really worried at what’s to come ahead of you because the trip is over. I slept for a few hours on the plane coming back to Oz.


What you guys are talking about seems like your fatigue levels. What Judy said is right. There is no way in beating jet lag your body has to become accustom to a new time zone. I do it a bit with work and i still don’t cope that well. We get this sleeping pill that helps you for a good 6 hours i can;t remember the name of it but i will find out and let you know. Coming home it’s more difficult because you are crossing the dateline there’s something technical behind it. [br][br]You’ll find that your airline SHOULD ask you to close window blinds if you are travelling between eg Singapore and London when it’s night when you leave and morning 4 hours after departure so your body can sleep in it’s usual pattern[br][br]Keeping hydrated on a flight is the biggest thing it is so easy not to drink water.


I’m a little worried about Jetlag… The longest i’ve flown is about 15 hours and i was fine after. Melbourne to the UK is nearly double that![br][br]I’ve heard good things about the Flight Recovery sachets. I’m pretty sure i’ll be getting them just because i don’t want to risk jetlag ruining the first few days of the tour. I’ll be arriving in London only two days before it starts…


ive flown heaps to many countries over the years and jetlag has never bothered me really.[br]the best advice ive ever been told was by a doctor who said to reset ur body clock quickly (ie. when u haven’t got time to spare when u arrive!) you should try to sleep on the plane when it is night time in the country you are arriving in (or spending the most time in).[br][br]Ive always done this, especially for long haul (ie Europe) flights and it has always worked a treat. just take a eyemask and earplugs (or ipod) for the plane to help you fall asleep.[br][br]Ebony + Amanda[br]European Emperor 9 July[br]East Meets West 21 July


Hi guys[br]I arrived in London yesterday from Brissy as my tour starts tomorrow.[br]I left Aus at 2.45 pm, arrived in Singapore at 20.45pm then left at 11.30pm and arrived in London at 6am. I found that by not sleeping on the first half, I was kinda tired for the second leg (which was night time in London) So tried to sleep as much as I could and I’ve been ok since landing. Like Ebony said, you wanna try and sleep the same time as the country you’re landing in, so you’re already in sync with their time zone once you land. Having said that, I find it really hard to sleep on planes so I still struggled a bit…stayed awake most of the day yesterday but went to sleep yesterday arvo and slept until this morning! Today i feel back to normal tho, just in time for the tour to start!! Hope this helps you out


Thanks for the tips kirst, my flight is pretty much the same as yours!


thanks kirstd!![br][br]i really wanted to try and stay awake for the first half and then sleep during their night time!! I’m glad that seems to work!![br][br]Its great to get everyonese feedback on this! there are some great tips here too!![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


I’ve suffered some bad jetlag in my time, and it has always been when I’ve traveled East (to the USA), for some reason its been fine traveling West (back home.)[br]I have to agree with everyone- drink plenty of water and try to get into the routine of the country you are about visit as best you can. Also make sure that you are going to be comfortable on the plane- bring a pillow and request an extra blanket if you are cold, etc. Be careful of taking medication to aid sleep, they don’t always work and can give you a hangover effect. And be wary of Zolpidem (Stilnox/Ambien)which has been receiving bad press of late, what with people doing strange things whilst sleeping.[br][br]Spirit of Europe.[br]May 13th. [br]:smiley:


When you get to your destination, just do not sleep until the local clock displays your average sleep time. Do the same when you get back home. It worked for me…