Japan Ski Trip 6th Jan 2019 - 12th Jan 2019


Hi I have just booked Japan Ski & Snowboard for the 6th of Jan - 12th of Jan 2019.
Just wondering if anyone else is book on this trip?
I am a 26 year old Aussie Girl. Solo Traveler.


Im 29yo looking to book this trip. nervous about going alone not knowing if other girls will be there and if they are inexperienced. I’m looking to learn snowboarding
are you from brissie?


I’m also considering booking this trip. Solo traveller and i’m 28 years old :slight_smile: pretty daunting going alone.


Hi Justina & Shaylee.
I can ski but haven’t done it in years, so i will be slow on mountains to start with. I don’t know anyone on this trip but treating it as an adventure!
I am arriving in Japan a day early and i have 2 days by myself at the end.
You are more than welcome to tag along with me.
I’m from Perth.
Let me know if you end up booking and I can add you on the fb.


Im hoping to book but left it a bit too late. Im keeping an eye out for a deal closer to time.

Shaylee, which State/City are you in? Im mostly anxious flying alone on a plain haha.

Chels, I will definitely let you know if i do book. I also would prefer to go the day before too. Ive never been to the snow so I would be in lessons the first day at least. I am very sporty though and quick learner. I will post again in December if i do book :slight_smile: or earlier.


Hey Justina, i am in QLD :slight_smile: on the sunshine coast. I am hearing you about the anxiety and flying (also a very nervous flyer.) I am mostly nervous about visting Japan because of the language barrier and also the sole purpose of my trip is to learn to snow board and if i am horrible at it, it would be nice to have a pal to go grab a beer with haha. If you end up booking for the end of january or start of february let me know :slight_smile:


@Shaylee90 That is the same reason im going is to learn snowboarding too and hopefully do trips each year. If all fails then yes the pub sounds great!!! and walking around. I called them today asking about deals. They said they dont do any on the japan ski tours so im going to see what dates to arrange time off work in Jan and then book the flights and tour. im thinking of flying to tokyo on the 4th and flying back on 13th or 14th. Would be good to all meet up. Im interested in doing the Mario Kart driving in tokyo too!!! google mario kart tokyo at night. looks like fun!!! then up for whatever else tokyo has to offer.


@Shaylee90 Im now also considering the 20th of Jan tour fly out on the 19th and then spend 2 nights in Tokyo at the end. I would most likely putting my deposit on over the next week or so just have to decide on the 6th or the 20th.