Japan Ski Dec 2016


I know it’s pretty far off! But I’m doing the Japan highlights tour in Dec over the Christmas period and was wondering if anyone was thinking of doing the ski trip they have as well?
Will be solo traveller, and wanted to suss out if anyone was thinking of doing a tour to Hakuba or going solo. I’ve only ever been skiing once…so could be pretty dangerous haha. Mainly want to check out the monkeys and the onsens!


I am doing the Jan 7th to 13th. Also a solo traveler.


Hey Claire,

My names Bec from Perth!

Just thought I would give you an opinion on doing the Ski option by its self or in the tour. I personally went in January to Hakuba with a group of people and we went to see the monkeys etc. It was really fun! If I was travelling solo I would definitely have done it in a tour though because it means you would have people to hang out with during the day skiing but also at night for dinners etc.

Some of the hotels have Onsens too which is cool so you’ll no doubt get to experience that.

If you want any assistance planning the rest of your trip definitely let me know. I’m a travel agent so can do it all for you and give my top tips that I learnt from my trip! :slight_smile: Just send me a message!