Japan May 15th anyone?


Anyone coming on this tour at all? Not long to go and seriously excited!


@Ceyda Yes, I am!! So close now :slight_smile: Are you ready Ceyda??


Hi Jasmine, I know, woo hoo and no I need to pack still arghhhh!! Where are you from? I’m in NZ and got 2 nights in Tokyo before we start so I leave here Friday night


Don’t get me started on packing lol I have crap everywhere but my suitcase!! :confused: Oh, Beautiful. We are practically related, as I am from Australia! I have one night in Tokyo before the trip starts, leaving this Sat! Did you manage to get into the same hotel that the tour will be starting in? Are you heading
in solo too?


Oh cool haha. Coming by myself. Staying in a place about 20mins away for a fraction of the price. Are you staying there then?


Nope, I am also about 20 mins away in a cheaper hotel. :slight_smile: Any ideas on what to pack clothing wise? Planning for cool nights and the possibility of spring rain, but unsure of local customs out of Tokyo (ie; modesty)