Japan Highlights


Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone could comment on what the accommodations were like on this trip. I’ve taken a top deck tour before so I have an idea of what to expect, but I thought it would be interesting to hear any details that others might have to say. Opionions or concerns?


I did this trip last April. The accommodation is good. Little bit small but nice places. Grab an extra blanket to sleep on top of in Takayama and mt Koya because the futons aren’t very comfy. Also something we weren’t told was you can’t take your luggage to Mt Koya, you have to just take a smaller bag. This was a problem for me cause I didn’t have another bag, but it all worked out. I had to sleep on my cardigan at mt Koya cause the supplied pillows were like heat packs and we couldn’t take our own. Having said this Koya was still wonderful and I’d recommend getting up early to see the Buddhist prayer service and DEFINITELY go to Okunion graveyard, it was amazing.
Places I stayed: hotel Montgomery osaka
Asakusa palace hotel Tokyo
APA hotel Hiroshima (very fancy)
Can’t remember the names for Kyoto, Takayama and Koya sorry.