Japan Highlights


I am wanting to do the Japan Highlights tour within the next couple of years and was wondering if anyone could share their experiences from the trip?

Like, how much free time is allowed in Tokyo? Is it enough to go visit Disneyland?

And just on the tour in general?

Thank you!


I am going on the trip June the 12, and I will be glad to talk to you about it when I get back. :smile: I know that one of the “extra options” for this trip in Tokyo are tickets to Disneyland, so I would assume that there is enough time. I will let you know though, if no one answers you first.


Awesome! Thank you!! I look forward to hearing about it! :smiley:


I just got back from the trip, so I will be happy to answer any questions you have. You get a full free day in Tokyo, as far as time for Disneyland you could make it work. If that’s what you really wanted to do, you have the whole day. However, that is the same night as the Robot Restaurant (which I Highly recommend!), so you would be very rushed to do both. My recommendation is to pick one. Also, don’t take the pack light advice too lightly. This tour uses trains and subways a lot. These stations don’t always have elevators or escalators. So, you will have to carry your bag up 2 to 3 flights of stairs in a crowded station. I was the only one in the group that packed a backpack instead of a roller bag, it was hard enough for me and i feel very sorry for those who had large roller bags. Also, we did a lot of walking ( I logged about 136.5 miles (219.6 K) walking for the whole trip according to my device). If you have any other questions, just let me know.


Thank you!! You are a life saver!!

What was the guide like, and how was it taking a train or subway with the group?


Our tour leader was great and very helpful. We had local guides during our individual tours of different locations, they were all very knowledgeable and helpful. Taking the train/metro with a group can be tricky, especially with luggage. But just pay attention, Tom (our leader) was very good about telling you what stop to get off at. This helped because during busy times we would have to spread out into different cars on the subway. But trains were a little easier, everyone just had to get on quickly, than once we were on we could worry about luggage and finding seats. Most of the long distance trains had reserved seat tickets.


Oh, that’s good! I’m glad they were good about making sure no one got separated from the group during the train travel!
Was there many people in your group?


Hey kateliz474,

I’m just wondering roughly how much spending money should people take, I know everyone has different spending habits but are we taking, 2k, 5k? everyone I have spoken to have said Japan is expensive and I don’t want to end up with not enough.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:


We had 14, it was a good number. Not too many but enough to have fun with.


Well, There are two main factors. First, has to do with where you are coming from. I’m from the US, and the exchange rate was in my favor. I had just over $1,000 us to spend, that included additional food and free day activities. I did fine with that. But I ate mostly Japanese food (which is cheaper) and I didn’t go out drinking very often. Also, I bought mostly little things to take back to friends and family. If you plan on doing a lot of shopping (and you could especially in Tokyo), then you would need more.


Thank you that was very helpful :slight_smile:


That’s good! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the time when I actually have enough to book it!!


Hey Kate,

Did you feel like the trip covered everything you wanted to see? Would you recommend staying extra before the tour starts in Tokyo and when it ends in Osaka? I know Osaka is only 1 night


No, I don’t think I could see everything I wanted to even if I were to live in Japan for a while. Lol But yes if you can stay I would recommend it. Some in my group did both stay before and stay after. What I would do if I where going to do it over again, I would start with the tour, then after getting accustomed to travel systems, stay longer after. I would spend time in Osaka, and then maybe return to Tokyo (especially if I booked a round trip with the same departure city), and pick up some of the things that I missed with the tour.


Yeah that makes sense. I’m doing one or two extra days in Tokyo and at least one extra day in Osaka. How were the hotels and the locations of them?


Hi Kate, I recently booked my trip for December. Would you be able to tell me or would you by chance remember if there was blow dryers in every accommodation you stayed at? It’s very difficult for me to live without my blow dryer so I’m debating if I should bring one on the trip. Also, are you by chance from the USA? If so, I believe the USA and Japan have the same wall sockets but do you know if we could freely plug in our items into the circuit without any trouble. I’m primarily concerned with my blow dryer and curling iron which I believe are both 120V while Japan is 100V. Did you by chance try either?

Thank you!


In the places we stayed at they all had hair dryers, but they don’t always stay in exactly the same hotel. But I think you will be safe leaving it at home. Also, they have shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in all the showers, so you can leave that at home. As far as power conversion, the plug ins are the same shape as the US, but the power wattage is different. You can buy a multi wattage curling Iron or just bring a converter.



What did everyone do for sim cards for their mobile phones over there?



General information too how know help.


Anyone who has been on this trip, can you tell me how much travel time there is? Especially from Takayama to Kyoto, as that day on my trip is my 30th birthday and I’m keen to know how many hours travelling I’m up for :slight_smile: