Japan Highlights Nov 22-2017


Hi everyone, thinking of booking this trip, anyone else thinking of it too or already booked on?


Hi Sarah,

I am thinking of booking the same trip in October/November :slight_smile:
I have already been to Japan but would like a second trip to experience more of that wonderful place.



Hi Nat,

That’s great. What did you think of it before? Where did you visit? I’ve always wanted to go, I’m so excited.



I’m just booking it now. Is anyone else a solo traveler going? I have never traveled by myself yet so it would be awesome to get in touch with people before the trip :slight_smile: Does anyone have any tips about japan at this time or stuff to bring? I am just so excited!!!


Hi Bec_Emma, what date are you booking for?


I’m booking for the 22nd-2nd October/November. I’m so excited :blush: are you going around this time?


Same! Where you travelling from?