Japan highlights nov 13 -24


Hi.just recently booked this trip?anyone else going?any tips to anyone that went?and how good was the sushi?!


Yeah mate, just finalized the booking today.


Whens everyone heading over im in a day before the tour in the start hotel, and staying one day later after the tour finishes.
Anyone else already hanging out to try the additional activities


Same.I’m staying a day or two before.might stay a day later in Osaka.definitely doing all the optional activities and other things that are not there


Yeah im staying an extra day in Osaka at the Hilton there I want to hit the Osaka aquarium, only place in the world with whale sharks in them.


Really?that’s interesting.I was thinking of Singapore for the weekend if I wasn’t staying an extra night


Yeah im maximizing my time in Japan this trip, been meaning to go for years. Singapore is pretty awesome as well just depends how the tour goes, if it ticks all the boxes not many reasons to stay back.