Japan Highlights - May 13, 2018



I’ll be doing the Japan Highlights tour from May 13-24 2018. I’ll be travelling solo, so would love to know if anyone else is going on the trip.



Hi Emily! I am also doing this trip and travelling solo

Carmen :slight_smile:


Lovely to e-meet you! :wave:

Have you done a Topdeck tour before? This will be my first one and also my first time to Japan!

I’m from Melbourne, Australia by the way. :slight_smile:



Oh I love Melbourne! I’m from Brisbane and it is my first time to Japan and on a topdeck as well. Really looking forward to it. :blush:


I lived in Brisbane when I was little, it was so nice up there! The weather is pretty good too, doesn’t decide to change as much as it does here in Melbourne.

When are you arriving? I’ll be landing in Tokyo the night before the tour starts :slight_smile:


Yes we definitely are lucky with the weather here :slight_smile:

I’m arriving the night before also. Am hoping they let us know where the meeting point is soon, because it would be handy to be able to book accom for that night at the same place.


If you log in to your ‘My Topdeck’ account you can download the Trip Notes. It has all the hotel details on there. :slight_smile:

I’m staying at the hotel that is the set pick-up location, in Asakusa.


Ah I had gotten confusing advice from my travel agent then about the details not being available yet.

Oh well I’ve found it now thanks to your help, thanks so much! :slight_smile:


Let me know if you book into the Asakusa hotel! Maybe we can have breakfast together at the hotel before the tour begins?


Maybe find me on facebook and we can chat more there? :slight_smile:


Do you have a slogan about drawing as your facebook cover photo? Just making sure I’m adding the right person :slight_smile:


Done :slight_smile: