Japan Highlights - March 12


I’m doing the Japan Highlights trip solo from 12 March 2017. Would love to know if anyone else is going solo or hanging around in Osaka after the tour finishes! :blush:


Hey, im also doing it solo. so keen for it. bring on march!


Yay! Super excited!


Hi, I’m traveling solo also, for the first time ever. Should be a great trip!


Have you guys got the Topdeck app yet? It’s got everything you need to know and a super handy group chat



Thinking of going in March as well. Just wanted to check would you guys know what age range normally would go and how old are you guys?




Hi everyone, I’m booked on this trip too, also travelling solo. I’m staying on for at least an extra night in Osaka and looking at booking a ticket for the grand sumo tournament which just so happens to be on while we’re there, if anyone else is keen to come along!


Hi Shaneil, I’m not sure really sure what age range would normally go but I’m 34 if that helps…


Hi I am Khalia i am going solo as well and staying in Osaka for a few nights the sumo tournament sounds really cool.


This is the site I was looking at Khalia, pre-order sales are available now but the tickets sales open tomorrow anyway. I haven’t bought mine yet, still trying to decide but I reckon it would be awesome to go to!


I was looking at the sumo tournament too! Looks really cool!


You guys should download the TopDeck app. There’s a group chat in there - we could organise getting tickets together :blush:


Damn, it looks like tickets are sold out already! I’ve put my name on the waiting list… We may be able to get tickets once we’re there though? Will check out the app for a group chat. :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed! I’m also planning on going to universal studios (I’m an avid Harry Potter fan!) if you wanted to tag along!


Yeah i want to go to universal too i love harry potter so much!


We are going to get along just fine! Hahaha eep! 26 days until I fly out - I can barely contain myself! I got a hot tip from a girlfriend - apparently if you want to see the harajuku girls, best time to go is Sunday morning because it’s the only day they don’t have school. I think the tour takes us there on a Monday or Tuesday


i will be in tokyo a couple days before. We should check it out on the sunday.


I arrive on the 10th so I have a few free days too - I’m stay just around the block from the hotel Topdeck stay at. We can definitely tee something up!


That is when i get there to i am staying in a hotel near ueno park which is the next area over so not to far away. :smile:


Hey, I’ve just come across this trip and looking at possibly booking it too…haha last minute decisions . Thinking of snowboarding at hakuba first then head down, however i will have some time after the tour if anyone wants to continue on.