Japan Highlights Feb 18th-solo traveller nervous!


Hi all,

I have wanted to book this trip for some time and for various reasons it hasn’t happened. I am in a position to go and Top Deck tells me there is space on Feb 18th. My partner and another friend who was interested aren’t sure they can afford it this year but I have put it off a year already.

I think it might do me good to go on my own actually, as much as it would be nice to share some experiences with someone I know. But it would be an awesome opportunity to meet new people too (having made a fantastic friend on one of the Top Deck Oz trips, who I now see regularly).

My main concerns are about the flights out and back and the connecting flights. I am trying to familiarise myself with the Japanese language as best I can and researching how the airports look by watching YouTube videos to see if the airports are clearly signposted in English too.

Has anyone done this trip before who can give pointers on the connecting flights, is there enough time to calmly find your way and people on hand if you do get stuck?

What’s the transfer from the airport to Tokyo like? Did lone female travellers feel safe and confident travelling to and from the airports?

I so want to go and at this rate I may never have the ideal situation where others can afford to go too so if there’s any advice on how people have done this on their own with the language barriers and general safety advice I would very much appreciate hearing about it.

Thanks in advance.


@Emma2804 Hi!
I am in the same position as you.
I am wanting to book this trip last minute as a solo traveller from Australia. I feel confident about getting to Tokyo but am a little uneasy about getting back to Tokyo from Osaka and then from Tokyo back home again!

does anyone have any good travelling advise or tips/tricks?