Japan Highlights Departing October 21st 2018


Hi everyone, I’ll be on the Japan Highlights tour departing October 21st 2018, wondering if anyone else will be doing this tour, or could give me any tips? I’ll also be in Japan from the 15th so it would also be great to meet up with a few people as I’m a solo traveller. Thanks.


Hey I done this trip the same date last year its brilliant you will love it


Awesome, I’m so keen. Did you find any difficulty with getting around on the Subway or talking to the locals?


I was mostly with people so I was fine though its so efficient and the Japanese are so helpful you will be fine. All the hotels are nice too. The monastery in takayama is a little rough though and you cant bring your suitcase so I suggest having a backpack with you. Its communal showers there so bring swim gear. Other than that its all really great


Awesome, thanks for your help.


Hi! Ill be on that trip as well :blush:


Are you going to be in Tokyo before hand at all?


I will be on this tour :slight_smile: has anyone else downloaded the Topdeck App? There is a chat function on it for everyone on the same tour.

I will be doing a day tour to Hakone to hopefully see Mt Fuji on the 20th from Tokyo. I will be arriving on the evening of the 19th and staying at the hotel the tour starts from.


I’ve tried using the app, but there’s always an error that pops up, not sure why. If anyone is keen to do anything before the tour starts, I’m definitely up for it l.



I and my partner will also be on the Japan tour. We will be In Tokyo from the 18th meeting up with a mate.


Hey Sarah,

I’m going on the Japan Highlight tour in October, was wondering if carrying around a suitcase was a pain or any inconvenience? What sort of baggage would you recommend?


Hey Amalia,

You are going to have the best time. It was a little annoying bringing the suitcase but totally manageable. One day we got our suitcases mailed to our next stop. The night you spend in the monastery we shipped our bags to Hiroshima and got them the next day. So I’d suggest bringing a backpack so you can pack an overnight bag for the monastery.
It’s a really really great trip I loved every second of my time in Japan and loved the Japan weather in October. I’m Irish so I like the cold and October was perfect. It did rain one or two days though so a rain jacket is also a suggestion.

Sarah :grinning:


For anyone wanting to do the Mario cart driving around the city, apparently you need an international drivers license to participate. Just a heads up :slight_smile: