Japan Highlights - Departing Oct 22 2017


Hi everyone, I have just booked my trip and I would Love to get in touch with my fellow travelers. I will be getting to japan a few days before the tour and staying for a week or so after and it would be great to already know someone as this is my first solo trip :grinning:


Should we maybe set up a group where everyone can join. There seems to be 3/4 on here who are booked on? Be great to know everyone before arriving!


Hey :slight_smile: I just booked into this trip too! Getting there a few days before too. Is there a group somewhere?


We can make a group on Facebook to get us started I reckon :blush:


Good idea :slight_smile: then others can join as they wish. Last trip I did we made a private fb group that was easy to find and people just joined as they came on. Super excited for this!


I tried make a group but it wouldn’t let me without adding people … maybe im just not facebook savvy enough to figure this out but a group would be great!


Hiya I just booked this tour!
Im traveling solo so would be awesome to get in touch with some people before.


Hi Caroline, where are you travelling from?

So exciting!


I’m landing on the 22nd though so pretty much just going to be there for the tour.
Did a facebook group get made?


I just made the group and have named it Japan Highlights - Departing Oct 22 2017. Anyone can find it so if there is anyone else who wants to join can do so :smile:


I think I will only be there for the duration of the trip too, arriving the 21st of Oct at night!

It looks like I’m the only non-Aussie so far on the trip :slight_smile:


If anyone is having trouble finding the fb group just search it exactly like this:
Japan Highlights - Departing Oct 22 2017