Japan Highlights Departing 18 June 2017


Hey guys,

My sister and I are doing this tour - first time to Japan and first Topdeck tour! Can’t wait…

Does anyone know where we are departing from in Tokyo? We are flying in the day before and trying to book accom, but don’t want to be somewhere out of the way from the starting point.



Hotel Keihan Asakusa (Taito, Japan) is the hotel they meet at and leave from … Ring Topdeck to confirm though. We booked pre-tour accommodation there, and found it a good base to explore Tokyo before the tour started.

However, you need to walk 10 mins to get to/from the metro that services the main routes (as the closer one is a special one), but it wasn’t a bad walk… just print a map to get to hotel from metro if you don’t have data when you land - there are two metro’s called Asakusa so best to understand that the further one from the hotel is the one that the airport train connection takes you to.


The hotel im staying at in tokyo on my trip wasnt Hotel Keihan in Asakusa… I had my sister who is my travel agent, call topdeck to book a nights pre accomodation for the hotel i’ll be staying at… They quoted her $256 AUD for the one night. She looked online, that same hotel if i booked it myself, was HALF the price. So make sure you do your research before booking the hotel through topdeck!!