Japan Highlights December/January 2016/2017


Hi Everyone :blush:
My partner and I are looking at Japan Highlights in either december/Jan 2016-2017

Is anyone booked or planning to book for any of those dates? we have not chosen our dates yet and would love to hear from people that have or are planning too…

We are thinking Christmas in Japan… however will a lot of things be closed for the holidays? tried looking this up but not a lot of info given on google.

Im 22 and my partner will be 21 :sunny:


My partner and I (from Perth, Australia, both 25) are looking at Japan Highlights on the 25th of Dec! But after emailing Topdeck it appears that no one else has signed up for that tour date yet… they need a minimum of 10. Kinda annoying because we want to confirm everything ASAP.

What dates were you thinking of going?

No idea about the holidays, I’ll need to look this up :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m a solo traveller booked in for the December 18 trip - will be spending Christmas in Japan!! :smile:


Hey I too am solo travelling for the December 18th trip! Christmas in Japan will be awesome! Tradtional KFC buckets for christmas lunch haha.
It looks like it’s confirmed and going ahead. Is anyone staying on longer in Japan after it ends? I’m wanting to head to Hakuba to see the monkeys.


I am in Japan from the 28th December to the 15th of January, Doing the Ski trip from the 7th until the 13th.


Hi, my partner and I (Perth, WA - 22yrs & 23 yrs) are also looking at doing the Japan Highlights tour. We are looking at the tour commencing 1 January 2017. We have been told that so far only 2 people are booked on this tour and would love for more so we know it will be guaranteed.

Would love to be able to chat to people who have done this trip as well as those looking at doing the same tour dates as us!!


Anyone traveling from U.K.? As I would like to book a sky holiday