Japan Highlights April 08 2018


Hi there. Travelling with a friend on this tour. Would like to get in touch with people also on this tour. Cheers


I am also going in April. Where are you flying out of? Staying any extra days?


I get to Tokyo on the 7th. I’m from Australia, travelling via a 4 day stopover in Singapore. Departing on last day of tour unfortunately.


I’m flying out of Canada, will also be arriving on the 7th and leaving on the last day as well.


Cool. I’m travelling with a friend from England who I met in New Zealand last year on another Top Deck tour. Look me up on facebook.


Hiiii I’m Larry’s travel buddy :slight_smile:
Any more people joining this tour?
Unlike Larry I’m flying home to the UK the next morning


Less than three months to go! I have found out that I am horrible at learning a new language.


I went on this trip last summer. It was amazing! Our tour guide Ayaki made it such a great experience!


I’m glad to hear that! Any tips for us newbies? Anything that is a must do or things we should be wary of?