Japan Highlights age group


Hey, I’m looking at doing the Japan highlights tour in May 2017. I’m just wondering if anyone knows what the age group roughly is for the Japan tours. I’m 34 years old and I’m wondering if that’s too old for top deck. I’ve been told that the europe top deck tours tend to have younger people but the more expensive tours such as Japan tend to have people a little older (late 20’s early 30’s). Just wanted to know if anyone can give me any advice on what they’ve been told about the age group for the japan tours?


Hi, I’m doing a Japan tour in April. I will be just shy of 20. I know that other people in my group are early twenties and a couple that are both 30. However that is less than half our group, but I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Hel,
I just did this trip in December 2016 and loved it! Our group had 19 people, ranging from early 20’s all the way through to mid-30’s (I’m 29). Being 34 years old is definitely not too old for a Topdeck trip, especially this one. I guess it’s all in your mindset - I’ve been on a group tour in the past where a 38yo was one of the most interesting, energetic and fun people on the trip!

Hope that helps :slight_smile: