Japan Highlights 4/2/18


Hi Everyone!

I’ve just booked the Japan Highlights tour departing Tokyo on the 4th of February 2018!
I’m travelling solo and this will be my first time to Japan. I’m very excited.
I just thought I would see if anyone else has booked this tour yet or is also going solo :slight_smile:



Hi Annie,

I am in the process of getting costs etc from Top Deck to book onto the Japan Highlights tour. They have said there’s space on the 18th Feb tour, but I can see if there’s availability on the earlier tour as at this rate I think I will be going on my own too. I plan to fly out a day or 2 before to acclimatise and rest before the tour starts.

Are you heading out for a few days before and after the trip?


Hi Emma,

How exciting!

I’m actually spending a week skiing before the tour but I arrive back in Tokyo on the 3rd. I’m spending two extra nights in Osaka after the tour before going back to Tokyo and flying back to Sydney on the 19th :slight_smile: