Japan Highlights - 29th May


Anyone booked on Japan Highlights starting 29th May? :slight_smile:


I’m looking at booking for these dates. Any idea why it’s so much cheaper than the other dates? :grinning:


Hi. I booked this tour departing May 29. I’m arriving the evening before and staying at a nearby hotel for one night. Anyone want to meet up and do some sightseeing before the tour starts? It’s also my birthday on the 28th so I’m keen for a drink or two!


I’m arriving early morning of the 29th! So a drink or 2 that evening for definite :slight_smile:


Think they got cheaper to try fill up the spaces…
I’ll be arriving the afternoon/evening before too, staying at the same hotel were starting at.
I’ll probably sleep as soon as i get there but was going to do some sightseeing on the morning of the 29th if anyone wants to join.


Stacey91, I’m up for some sightseeing in the morning/afternoon of the 29th before the tour meets. I have to check out of my hotel and check in at the Sunroute hotel but afterwards I’m good to go. Want to meet in the lobby? What time? I think most things open at around 9am. I’m arriving late afternoon/early evening on the 28th and I was thinking of walking around the area if anyone wants to join and then have a drink or two.


Do you know what time we can check in at the Sunroute? I’m up for something in the afternoon before the tour starts!


Yeah, meeting in the lobby sounds good, I recon about 10/11am?! I have to check out too. Not sure if we can check in straight away or if we have to wait for the rest of the tour group :confused: But i think normal check in time is 2pm.
I beleive we can store our luggage there until we come back to meet the rest of the tour group.


Ok. I’ll be there in the lobby between 10 and 1030am. I’ll have to check in but I’m guessing I’ll have to store my luggage until we get back before the tour starts but sometimes rooms are ready earlier. We’ll see how it goes. Is there anything specific you want to see? My name is Alicia :slight_smile: Sophie - do you think you can join us around 10 to 1030?


I probably won’t arrive at the hotel until around 1pm, so I will see you back there later on for the welcome meeting! :relaxed:


Sounds good. I’ll be checking out round that time so should be there. Im easy to spot when your looking for me. I’m covered in tattoos and have red/pink streaks in my hair :stuck_out_tongue:
Not really, just go exploring. Do want to find a camera shop or something though.

Looking forward to it :blush:


I’ll try to look up a couple places we can see. See you then! Have a safe flight.


Hey guys, I know it’s a little late but where is everyone meeting/when is the welcome meeting? :slight_smile:


I probably won’t arrive at the hotel until around 1pm, so I will see you back there later on for the welcome meeting! :smile: