Just wanting to see who else out there has booked this tour? Or is it to early? :smile:
Rebecca and Zak


Hi rebecca and zac,
I am on this trip along with my boyfriend :slight_smile: we are coming from melbourne


Oh yay! We are from Shepparton, so not to far away. When are you arriving in Tokyo?! We are arriving the morning of the 23rd. Can’t wait! :oD


We are getting there wednesday morning. Was worried we were going to be that odd couple that does topdeck together but turns out there is a few of us


Hey guys,

I’ve also booked this tour. When I last spoke to organisers they said 15 people had booked. I’m sure it’s full now.
Coming from Cape Town :v:


My girlfriend and I are also coming from Melbourne, are you guys just doing the trip or are you going to do some travelling on your own?


Hey… We have a few days either side of the tour and plan to make our way back to Tokyo from Osaka… But we are actually travelling to Europe after Japan to do another TopDeck tour…
Bring on September!!! Can’t wait :oD


hey guys, is anyone there beforehand that wants to catch dinner or something :)?


hi guys,
I just booked this tour and I think I got one of the last 2 seats available.
looking forward to meeting everyone.


Hey guys, have any of you received specific information about the trip yet?
Like which hotels we’re staying at and where to meet etc?


Hey just booked this tour last week. Wondering if there is a facebook group made yet?
Past experience, a group very handy to communicate through.

I’ll be in Toyko a couple days beforehand at the hotel the tour leaves from if anyone else is there and wants to meet up


Feel free to join the group


let me know if there is already one made


Hey, tried the Facebook group page and it didn’t work :o/


Hey, we would be keen to catch up before hand!


Also tried the facebook and couldn’t get on. Also just confirming our meet time ours said it started at 7pm on the 25th? Is that right?


Hey I put it on secret for some reason lol. It should work now
otherwise add me on FB anyway and can invite you


I think it starts 5.30pm on the 25th??


Ill be arriving the night of the 23rd, ill be keen to catch up on the 24th


Hey TomH, Got our paperwork today and our itinerary says pick up is at 5.30pm on the 25th?! Retry the Facebook page. It works now! :oP


Yeah my notes also say 5.30pm. My plane only lands at 5.30 :grimacing:
How are you guys getting from the airport to the hotel? My travel agent is useless and hasn’t given me any information haha


Just joined the fb page :slight_smile: can organize on there