Japan Highlights 22nd July 19


Hey hey, Going on Japan Highlights in July. Looking for other trip mates to discuss the trip, and what their plans are afterwards. Too excited for it :smile::smiley:


Hey Hey!

The 21st of July?? Iā€™m going on that one! Iā€™m pretty keen. Seems like a pretty good trip with a decent amount of time in each place!

Nice to meet you!

Tori :grin:



I havent booked yet but i am definitely looking at this for July 21!
Where are you ladies from?
Anyone keen to hit up disneyland???


Hey Lucy,
From the land of Aus. Definitely hitting up Disney land on my way back to Tokyo after the trip. Still undecided if will go during it, just see how many want to I guess.
Where are you from?