Japan Highlights 22nd Jan & advice


Hi there!

I’m all booked into the Japan Highlights tour for 22nd Jan- first time overseas and travelling solo.
Anyone else booked in on this trip? Or done this trip before and have some advice? :slight_smile:
Specific Japan/general travel advice also gratefully accepted!!



Hi Em

I am also traveling on the 22nd and will be traveling solo😃


Hey Kim,

Nice to e-meet you! haha

Have you done much travelling before? I’m a little nervous about how cold it’s going to be!

I’m on a 6am singapore airlines flight in, so if you get there early ill probably be the first one there haha

Are you doing any travelling after the tour? :slight_smile:


Hay em

I did Europe at the end of last year with topdeck which I did solo also which was amazing :blush:

I get into Tokyo at 0730am on the 21st. Where abouts are you from ??


Oh wow thats so cool, I definitely want to visit Europe sometime soon.

I’m from Sydney, you?

Im getting in on the 22nd; you were clever to fly in a day early! Getting in so early sucks when the group doesn’t meet up till 5:30! I’ve actually booked the motel for when I get there (expensive though), just so I’ve got somewhere to have a shower and a lie down. My flight is something stupid like 14 hours (but free, so not complaining!)


Hey Emm!

I’m also booked! Not long now!


Hey Steve! Only a few days to go… super excited/nervous!