Japan Highlights 22/7/18


Hello! :slight_smile:
I’ve just booked the Japan Highlights tour starting in Tokyo on the 22nd of July 2018… I’m traveling solo so would love to have a chat with anyone else who will be doing the trip on this date! Cheers, El


Heya @eloiseyyyy , I’ve just booked this trip too!

Traveling solo, first time to Japan. Pretty excited… Part of me thinks I should try and learn some Japanese before July, but another part says I probably won’t learn enough. lol

Will you be doing any prep, or just winging-it like me? haha

  • Andrew


I am traveling solo as well! Booked and paid deposit


hey, i’ve booked this trip for that date and am travelling solo as well so feel free to hit me up for a chat, would be good to get to know some people going


Hey all!

Add me on Facebook (Eloise Stewart, in Sydney) and we can have a chat :blush: thanks for the responses!


Good to see more people joining!! :blush:

If you register this trip on the Top Deck ap, we also have a group chat going in there.

Speak soon!