Japan Highlights 2016


Hello. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who are thinking of doing the new Japan Highlights tour? I am booked for Nov 6 - Nov 17


Hi Alex, I’m going on 22 May. Yourself?


Hey Connie. I forgot to update this post. I’m going Nov 6-17


Have fun!


I’m booked on the December 18 - 29 trip! :slight_smile:


me too :smile: Really excited !


I am going on the June 12-23, If anyone else will be going on that trip let me know. I would love to have someone to talk to about the trip. Also, I am thinking about renting a portable WiFi Hot Spot for the duration of the trip, and wouldn’t mind finding someone to split the cost of it with. Up to Five people can use it at the same time. 行きましょう!


my partner and I are thinking of that date too! Christmas in Japan hey :blush:


Hi there, I’m booked on this tour too! Only two months away😃


Yeah, supper excited! Have you been to Japan before or is this your first time. It’s a first for me, I have been to Europe (UK and Germany) and the Caribbean. I have been wanting to go to Japan for ages. It’s been at the top of my travel wish list.Can’t wait.


Kate what are the dates you’re going?


June 12 -23


Hey Alex!

I am booked on the 6th-17th Nov :slight_smile: 17


Hi Jennifer,

Finally someone else is going the same dates lol. Will you be arriving early/staying late?


Huzzah! I know there’s only about 6 people booked on this date and I’ve only booked recently. Was lucky to get the time off work! I am arriving into Narita on the 5th and I’m leaving the evening our tour ends. Wish I could stay longer, how about you?


How do you know how many people are booked for a specific date? Fortunately for me I get to take off 3 1/2 weeks so I’ll so I’ll stay couple of days before and after the tour and probably do another 5 days in Singapore


Ahh you are so lucky! I was cheeky and asked :laughing: we have an Aussie some Canadian and an American. I’m the only Brit so far. I’m sure we will have more join! Will you be staying at the hotel we start at before hand?


Oh sweet. It’s almost always mostly the nationalities you’ve mentioned. I probably will stay at the starting and ending hotels but I got plenty of time to decide


Hey! Would love to see someone’s feedback on the Japan highlights tour, I know Asia is a fairly new destination for TD so am really keen to find out what they thought of it! Has anyone on here previously done it?


Hey Alex and Jennifer! I’m going on those dates as well - can’t wait it’s my first time there!