Japan Highlights 20/11/16


Just booked this tour and was wondering if anyone else was.

So happy topdeck is now doing Asia tours :smile:


I am :smile:
Doing the 25 September trip!


I booked the November 6 tour


Almost all of my friends are going to Japan for a vacation. Is it really nice there? I heard it’s so expensive.


My boyfriend and I are doing the 25th sep tour as well :slight_smile: going 21/9 til 8/10. so keen


Awesome! Are you and your boyfriend whisky drinkers by any chance?
I’m planning to do a tour at the Yamazaki distillery on the free day in Kyoto :smile:


Hey I am thinking of booking the same trip / same date. Any reason you chose this tour over the Contiki or one of the others? I am trying to choose which one to do.

p.s. I would be super keen to visit that whisky place haha!


I chose it because it is a much slower pace than a Contiki and I get to spend a bit more time in cities that I have wanted to visit for years.
Also specifically because it has a free day where I can go visit the distillery :smiley:


I’m going on the 20th of Nov tour! I am planning to be in Tokyo for about a week before the tour starts.


Me and my girlfriend are also doing the 25 of Sept trip, must be booking fast. What are you guys looking forward to


I am doing Nov 6 - Nov 17 tour…anyone else on the same dates?


My boyfriend and i are on this trip and i think another couple aswell. So keen for tokyo and robot cafe


Me and my boyfriend are booked for September 25th. Can not wait… I must admit Japan was not on my to do list until I met my partner. So I’m just looking forward to the whole different cultural experience!