Japan Highlights - 18 Dec to 29 Dec 2016


My partner and I (22 and 23) are interested in booking the Japan highlights tour dates 18 Dec to 29 Dec 2016. Just a shout out as to how many other people have already signed up?


My partner & I are booked. We’re 25 & 26 :grinning:


I’m also booked but travelling solo! 26 :smile:


Hiya! Travelling Solo. Anyone else interested in Mario Karting through Tokyo? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJSFh5yeNjo. If so, get an international drivers permit. If from the US, you can get them through AAA! Also, planning on Tokyo Disney/DisneySea. Cheers.


Hey everyone! 29 and also travelling solo.

That Mario Karting looks amazing - so keeeeen!

Also, anyone sticking around for NYE?


Not sure if anyone else has already created one, but I made a Facebook group for us…