Japan Highlights 13th November intro


Hey Sean from Perth Australia here, just seeing who is coming on this block of the Japan highlights absolutely stoked about this trip and getting pretty excited. Where are you all from anyone going over earlier or staying later? Where abouts is everyone from?


Hi Sean,
I’ll be there! My name is Karen and I’m from Florida. I’m excited about the trip too. I arrive at Haneda airport on Friday, Nov 11 and will depart from Kansai airport on Friday, Nov 25. I will likely purchase a 2 day train/subway pass and start exploring Tokyo before joining the group on Sunday. After the tour ends, I’ll be taking a cooking class in Osaka. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hey Karen,
I’m arriving on the Saturday so I have a day before the tour decided to book into the same hotel the tour starts from to make it easy gives me a bit of time to explore Tokyo, I stayed back an extra day in Osaka to go to the Osaka aquarium looks pretty awesome from the photos. Definitely looking forward to meeting the group on Sunday


Hey Karen and Sean,

Looking forward to meet everyone on Sunday. I’ll be arriving friday night in Haneda but will be in a different hotel from the topdeck hotel and I’ll be staying a day extra in Osaka. Fortunately the hotel in tokyo is right down tthe street from the topdeck hotel. I’m looking forward to getting lost a little bit with everyone. Any suggestions on what to do on the extra day on Osaka and Tokyo?



Hey Michael,

I have no idea how im going to spend my day in Tokyo before the tour, I saw on another Japan highlights that they have a place you can hire go carts in Tokyo and you can race around the streets Mario cart style, looks pretty cool, I checked out Osaka for the Aquarium and found that they have LEGOLAND and some little amusement park thing next to it so that will be my extra day there. What’s everyone most looking forward to on the tour?


Hey guys,

I’m in tokyo now.hopefully you all had a safe flight t. If anyone is interested in meeting up prior to the trip, let me know.



Hey Michael, just arrived tonight staying at the Keoghan asakusa, the hotel we meet at tomorrow. Happy to catch up prior have a day to kill tomorrow.



Hotel keihan asakusa should have said auto corrected me


Hey sean, I’m at red planet in asakusa right down the street from the hotel keihan. Let me know if you want to grab a drink tonight or meet up tomorrow afternoon.



Hey Michael,

Can catch up today if you’re free, a lack of sleep had me struggling last night.