Japan Highlights 05 Mar - 16 Mar



Just wondering if anyone else out there has booked this tour?

Thanks :grin:


Hi, I’m Josh and I’m from Perth

I’ve just booked myself onto this tour too!


Hey Josh!

I’m Alison, my partner Peter and I are also from Perth! We are so excited :smiley:


Sweet, not long now!

Have you guys done a topdeck before?


Nah we haven’t, what about you?

We have friends that did a Europe tour and they loved it!


Hi guys,

Looks like a good trip

Im thinking of going in March. Just wanted to check would you guys know what age range normally would go and how old are you guys?




Hey Shaneil

This is our first Topdeck so I’m not sure about age ranges but my partner and I are both 26.


Yeah I did the UK and Ireland one in September, was awesome!
And i’ve done a couple of contiki’s. Yeah the tours are generally really good, i haven’t been able to complain at all.

Hi Shaneil, the age range is pretty broad, on my last tour it was like 19 through to 38, with lots of people scattered across all ages. Myself, i’m 23 :slight_smile:


My Friend Kate and I will also be going on this tour :smiley: - this is my 3rd Topdeck tour, I love them!


Awesome! Can’t wait to meet you all, its getting so close now! :smiley: