Japan Express 7 days 2nd-8th September


This will be my second solo trip, i went to New Zealand a few years ago, and it was awesome!


Hey! This is no-specific reply to everyone - MSA, Bridget, Tori & Alysa!

Excited to see that so many other people are looking forward to this trip. It sounds like everyone is really pumped for Tokyo, and I’d agree. I can’t imagine being able to see everything there is to see in so few days. It really is hard to decide what to do!

With that said, I’m pretty pumped for the “quieter” days we’ll get in Kyoto and Osaka at the end of the trip. I think I’ll need it after frying my senses from being in one of the busiest cities in the world. Living in the Southwest, I’m used to wide open spaces. I’ve lived in major cities before, but I much prefer the quiet of smaller towns and communities (not that Kyoto or Osaka necessarily qualify as either).


Hi all-also joining this tour! I’m Caitlin, from Pennsylvania in the US.



Nice to meet you! Thats great your on our tour! Is this your first time travelling?


This will be my first time in Asia, but I’ve done a lot of solo traveling in Europe, the US and Canada. I’m really excited for this though- have always wanted to go to Japan!


Shoutout to Pennsylvania! My wife and I live in New Mexico now, but we both grew up just outside of Philadelphia, and went to college in the city.


I feel the same way. My husband and I both grew up in very small and quiet towns in Connecticut so we prefer that to the hustle and bustle of cities. Even so, I’m really excited for Tokyo. Though Osaka is what we most look forward to. I hear the food there is amazing!


Less than 2 months left!


Yay, very excited!!


Less than 30 days! See everyone in Japan soon!


Guys… how’s this weather japan is having :flushed: brace yourselves


I know! I’m hoping it cools down a bit before we get there. The weather there has been rough :persevere:


Hopefully we will have nice weather


So hot but also typhoons :scream: what a combo