Japan Express 7 days 2nd-8th September


I’m Bridget and a solo traveler heading for the Japan 7 day (Tokyo-Osaka) tour on the 2nd of September, was just wondering who else is going?

Be great to get to know some people before the tour!


Hey Bridget,

My wife and I will be right there with you in September. Looking forward to it!
Never been overseas before, so this will be a first for me. My wife lived in France for a few years, but neither of us have ever been to Japan.

What are you most looking forward to doing?

*P.S. I don’t if you can edit the forum post name, but maybe add our trip dates to the title? That way it’ll be easier to find? IDK, just a suggestion.



Thats great to hear that you guys are coming to Japan, it’s my first time to this country also. I’m looking forward to seeing so much but mostly Mt. Fuji, harajuku street and eating traditional japanese food! Hopefully the rain will be easy as it will be typhoon season I researched.
What are your plans while in the country? And where about are you guys based?


Yea, I also saw that it is probably going to rain a lot while we’re there. Oh well, I guess we’ll all just be wet the whole time. There are probably worse things. I know that you can get umbrellas from the vending machines (supposedly umbrellas are disposable in Japan and no one actually owns one). So we should be able to stay at least a little dry.

I am also really excited for the Hakone/Mt. Fuji day. That is the one day where if it rains it would be a major bummer. I’m guessing there won’t be a lot of places to duck and take cover? I love hiking, and after a couple of days in Tokyo it’ll be nice to get some fresh air.

My wife and I will be flying in 2 days before the trip to help us adjust to Tokyo, and get over our jetllag. (We’ll be flying in from the Western part of the USA.) I think the first day we’ll be going to Mori Tower for the 360 degrees view of Tokyo. Then we’ll probably try and find an Onsen to slip into so we can relax away our muscle cramps.

We’ll definitely also check out Akihabara since we both grew up on anime, and will probably be doing the Robot Restaurant optional excursion. Robot Restaurant looks weird, chaotic, and like a shock to the senses. Which is a good thing to do to yourself from time-to-time.

Where are you from? Do you speak Japanese (my wife and I are taking lessons)?


Thanks for the info on umbrellas in Japan saves me buying one! Wow sounds like you got a busy schedule already! I am from Australia and no I can’t speak Japanese but am learning a few small sentences to get me through my trip.


Australia, cool!

What is the time difference between Tokyo and where you’re traveling from? How long is the flight?

I imagine it isn’t as bad as flying from the U.S.A., but I’m not sure. For me it’s a +14 Hour Time Difference, and we’re looking at a 10-12 hour flight.



I’m also a solo traveler going on those dates.
Robot restaurant seems interesting. Thanks for the info!



Hey sorry for late reply always busy at beginning of year,
Japan is only an hour behind Australia luckily! And its only 9 hours away. Wow you guys are going to be buggared!
Do ypu know of any other tours in the other cities?


Hey MsA

Thats great your going to be on the trip! Where abouts are you from?


MSA! Ditto what Bridget said…where are you traveling from?
I agree that Robot Restaurant looks wild, if not also a little tacky. But it seems like something we have to do.


No prob, Bridget! A 9 hour flight is still pretty intense. That is a long time to be stuck on a plane.

I think that the TopDeck trip includes tours of Tokyo and Kyoto. Otherwise, we’re on our own. Which is fine, since I sort of prefer wandering off and kinda getting lost. That is how you find all the best stuff!


Hello, I’m in Australia as well!


Hey everyone, my husband and I will be joining you all on this trip! Nice to meet you all!

We’re coming from Arizona and two of our friends from the East Coast have signed up too. We’re all super excited :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t know much Japanese but I have several friends who have lived in Japan and I’ve been picking their brains on what the best things to do and see are. Hopefully the weather isn’t too bad while we’re there! :crossed_fingers:


Hey! I’ll be joining this one too. Travelling from Sydney :blush:


Is this your first time travelling solo?



Thats awesome, yeah i’m hoping the weather won’t be too wet for the whole trip.



Nice to meet you, what are you looking forward to doing in Japan?


Very excited for all of Tokyo, would love to go to the bamboo forest in free time. Feel like there is so much I can’t choose! How bout you?


Yes it is! You?


Yeah I’m the same would need a week in Tokyo to see everything! Im really hoping to see harajuku st, tokyo disneyland are top picks.