It's my first time to ride an airplane


I’m going to the states and visit my boyfriend I met in a foreign dating event last year. But, I’m quite nervous, it’s my first time to ride an airplane. They say it’s good inside the plane but still, you cannot deny the uneasiness a first timer will feel. Tell me, what preparations should be done (if there be any). Call me ignorant but I just want to let you know how I feel about this. Should I take some kind of pill to lessen the fright regarding my first flight? Thanks!


I think you should not be taken pill because everyone nerves first time in ride an airplane.


I recommend also - not taking medication.
once you are on the plane and seated etc. let the flight attendant know you havent flown before. They will help you out.
In your carry on bag - bring water! You get very dehydrated on planes, AIr hostess will refill your water bottle.

  • try avoid too much caffeinne and alcohol as this can make it worse.
    Get the small travel containers - hand sanitizer, face moisturiser, toothpaste etc
    Face wipes are also amazing to have on hand to get refreshed at your stopovers.

I would also recommend you get an aisle seat for your 1st flight and with it being a long haul…aisle seats, you can get up any time you want to wander/use bathroom.
(you should be able to seat select or ask at check in what seats you prefer)

Do you love reading…listening to music?? bring a good book to read or stock up on some fab new music.
Dont forget you’ll have your own TV screen loaded with movies! which is a great way to pass the time.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Don’t be afraid


Ohh nice, there is nothing to be afraid.