Hello, this is for people who have done a Topdeck tour before, the admin or anyone with helpful advice.

I have a trip booked next month and my travel agent gave me the documents and they only consist of our accommodation details and a general idea of what is happening day to day (the very basic/general itinerary found on Topdeck’s Website). I am wondering if we get anything more detailed prior to leaving? Such as when the buses are leaving, what times we are participating in the included activites, etc… I would like to book some other things that are not through Topdeck and it is difficult because I do not want to book something during an activity included with the Topdeck tour that I wanted to do as well… or I do not want to book something that I would end up cancelling because I am not there on time, or the bus leaves… etc!

Could anyone give me more insight as to how to go about this?

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Detailed documents get emailed out 6 weeks prior to your trip leaving direct to you or your agent if you used one.

What trip & departure are you on?

Topdeck Team